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Zip Lining

Zip Lining

Where can I do ziplining/zip line in Australia?


Ziplining or "Canopy Tours" or "Flying Foxes" as it can be known as in Australia, is still largely under developed compared to some countries. You'd certainly think there would be more on offer given the abundance of National Parks and Rain forests. I think the Australian government is very protective of the areas.

It is also relatively expensive which I guess has something to do with the high insurance charges that the companies get stung with.

Having said all that, there are some great places to zip line. Just make sure you don't pick a really hot day. The trees give some shade but it can be exhausting on a really hot day (over 30 degrees)

For the beginner, the Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours in the Daintree, just above Cairns in North Queensland would be a good bet during the dry season preferably. The zip line here isn't that long, so not one for the adrenalin junkies.

Another option is to head to Launceston in Tasmania and visit Hollybank Tree Tops Adventure. There is a choice between a night time and day time zip line here. The night one might be a good option for anyone a little worried about heights. They light the trail well and there is a good choice you'll see Kangaroos on either the night or day zip line. A good length of zip line on offer here, with a thorough safety briefing, but perhaps a little over priced.

Another accessible location is on the Great Ocean Drive at Otway Fly Zip Line. There is a nice tree top walk here for anyone who doesn't fancy zip lining. If you do fancy a go on the flying fox/ zip line here, then book ahead to secure your time slot otherwise it can be a bit of a long wait. Only other word of caution on this place is that once you've done, it is a long walk back to the star, up a big hill, by which time you are well and truly exhausted.

The hinterland behind the Gold Coast at Mount Tamborine in Queensland has an Adventure Parc that has a zip line. It has lots of other activities including climbing ropes etc, so the zip line is not perhaps the focus. There are heaps of different courses of different levels of ability so I would say that this course is the best if you have older kids that you want to keep occupied. You can also folllow them round if you like too.

I hope this helps for your search on Zip lining Australia

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