Wine Glass Bay Tasmania

"Wine Glass Bay Tasmania - a stunning part of the world!"

Often overlooked for its beaches, Tasmania has some of the best Australian beaches ever and this one is certainly no exception!You can't come to Tasmania and not come here!

How To Get To Wine Glass Bay Tasmania

The beach is inside Freycinet National Park. It is a fairly windy drive from Hobart and takes about 3 hours. The drive itself is pretty stunning with glimpses of the coast and waters edge as well as Australian bushlands. It really is so peaceful here - we passed hardly any cars.

I got excited when we saw the sign welcoming us to the Park but it was still a bit of a drive from there.

You can drive almost to the look out (just a short walk to the look out from the carpark.)

For the more adventurous you can take more of a treck and actually walk along the beach itself. You don't get the beauty around the beach quite the same and it looks less like a wine glass from down here. But you still won't be disappointed given the sand is SO white and the waters SO blue.

Why Come to Wine Glass Bay?

This beach has the WOW factor! Claimed to be one of the most photographed beaches in Australia, you can't miss the opportunity.

It certainly is beautiful and the bay is very much shaped like a wine glass full of wine!

You can stay longer and enjoy kayaking, fishing and enjoy what Coles Bay has to offer (the actual bay that forms Wine Glass Bay.) Rock climbing is also big in this area too.

The view from the lighthouse look out is also worth a look.

If peace, solitude and stunning views is on your list then this really is the Australian Beach for you.

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