Wilsons Prom

"Gorgeous beaches, amazing scenery and probably the best camping I've ever done!"

Wilsons Prom or as the Victorians would say, "The Prom", is one of Australia's most loved National Parks.

Why? Because it has everything - fantastic scenery, gorgeous beaches and native wildlife.

We spent a good few days here just soaking up the views and enjoying the fine weather.

I encourage you to do the same and ensure you stop off here if you are planning a Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip.

Where is Wilsons Prom?

This National Park is at the southern most point of the Australian Main land. It is anywhere between 150 and 200km from Melbourne depending on what route you are taking!

You can come here all year round but to enjoy the camping, try to pick the shoulder season when its nice and warm - you can then enjoy the beaches properly. November or February would be perfect. Less busy and still warm

What To Do And See At Wilsons Prom

It's a National Park so think walking, hikes and beautiful beaches. There are 22 walking tracks. Some are long and include overnight hikes, others are more of a stroll!

The most well known are as follows:

  • Try the Mount Oberon Walk - only 3.2km and has great panaromas
  • The Lilly Pilly Gully Nature Walk is only 5km so is also another popular walk
  • Squeaky beach - this is a beautiful beach with huge bolders. A great one for a stroll or some thinking time. Waterloo Bay is also beautiful
  • For the more serious of walkers, the Victorian bushfires have caused havoc unfortunately. The Northern Circuit is the best and most well known walk in this area but please check to see if this is open again.

    The day after Black Saturday (8th feb 2009), a dry lighting storm passed over the Prom and devastated part of the park - the area near Cathedral. Pictures show that most of the area has been restored and looks back to its beautiful self but there are still areas where the forest is black and dead.

    Animals and plants have started to come back since the fires.

    Camping at Wilsons Prom - Tidal River

    I'll never forget camping at Tidal River - the pictures really don't do it justice but trust me when I say, it's stunning.

    There's safe swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, plenty of friendly animals to meet (Wombats, possums and kangaroos) and of course the views and walking trails.

    I generally prefer not to camp - it's just not my thing. But here, at one with nature, with beautiful views, it's hard to imagine being anywhere else. We stayed in one of the wilderness tents (luxurious tents - think African safari, and there are cheaper cabins available too)so I didn't feel like we had to rough it! Plus, these tents are not part of the summer ballot, so you may get lucky if you have missed the summer ballot deadline.

    Travellers are certainly returning here post the fire and the views are still stunning, so don't be put off coming to camp!

    If you want to bring your own tent, then there is a ballot system for the summer (it really gets that busy) and there are about 500 sites up for grabs. You can do this on the Victorian Parks website or by using the phone numbers below - applications close 30th June for the next summer.

    If you are planning a trip outside of summer, then you still need to book well in advance. You can do this by calling 13 1963 within Australia or +61 3 8627 4700 if you are outside. These numbers also work for being part of the summer ballot.

    As this is part of the National Park, you need to book well in advance

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