Whitehaven Beach

"Whitehaven Beach - WOW! Simpling Stunning!

This is probably one of my favourite beaches in Australia. It's difficult to reach other than by air or boat but it is probably the most visited for anyone on holiday in Whitssundays Australia

Read on to find out why this is such a great beach

Where Is It?

The Whitsundays are off the East Coast of Australia and are made up of 174 islands. Only a few are inhabited though.

You can get an internal flight to Hamilton Island which is the main island in the Whitsundays. Or head to Arlie Beach on the mainland and get a boat across to the islands.

Whitehaven is a popular day trip from any of the islands on the whitsundays. There literally is nothing else there other than the beach so you can't stay here.

Whilst you can visit this beach all year round, the Whitsundays does have a wet and dry season given its proximity to tropical north Queensland so coming out of the traditional summer months may be advantageous.

See below for a Whitehaven beach map so you can see exactly where it is in the Whitsudnays. Click on the blue marker and use the zoom button to see more.

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Why Should You Visit Whitehaven?

This beach is usually very quiet - the odd boat and the odd person. This is beacuse you can't get to it easily.

It does however ruin the experience a little when a boat full of tourists get off all at the same time.

We paid the extra to fly in (on a helicopter) and enjoy a champagne picnic for a couple of hours. The beauty of this is that you get dropped off at the other end of the beach where its totally quiet, away from the crowds.

We really did feel like we had the entire beach to ourselves. It was an amazing experience.

Not only is it very quiet, it is absolutely stunningly amazingly beautiful! - I was totally blown away by the long stretch of white sand and the colour of the aqua sea.

The water was also so warm - like walking into a bath!

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