When to travel

"There is somewhere nice and hot all year round"

Planning your trip? Trying to work out when to travel? The great thing about Australia is that there is always sunshine in some part of this large country. This page should help you work out where to go to get the best weather and in what month.

You should also check out the more detailed weather by city so that you can check which months get the most rainfall. You can click here for more information on Australian weather by city

For most of the key destinations, the Australian weather will be at its hottest between December and February. Months either side of this are generally better as they are quieter and the weather is less humid and hot. Late October, November, March and early April are all good times and when to travel for the majority of Australia.

Visiting in the peak summer months is fine if you want to guarantee yourself the weather but expect it to be busy and prices to be at their highest particularly between the end of December and end of January (Australian school holidays)

The winter months are warmer than most countries with temperatures around 15-18 degrees Celsius. Hotels are generally equipped with heating but the majority of restaurants and venues are built with summer in mind so few have heating. It can therefore seem rather cold. Whilst you can still expect to see some bright blue skies and crisp temperatures, rain is also very likely during the winter.

The great thing about when to travel in Australia is that in the colder months of June, July and August there are parts of the country that are hot and at their very best. These areas are

  • Tropical Queensland (north of Cairns and up)
  • .

  • Darwin and the Nothern Territory
  • .

  • The Kimberleys in Western Australia
  • .

    Throughout the summer months these places are generally not accessible due to "the wet". So When to travel? There are intense storms and an immense amount of water. But in the "dry season" (May to October) the weather in these areas is hot, dry and less humid. So, no matter what time of the year you want to come to Australia, there is somewhere to visit that will be warm and sunny.

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