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If you have a sense of adventure then Western Australia Travel is certainly right for you. This part of Australia is relatively untouched and far less commercial than the East Coast. There are still plenty of travellers but its much quieter, more serene, rugged and some would say, more beautiful than the East.

This page aims to give you the best route for a Western Australia Travel Road Trip, ensuring you see all THE BEST sites possible. But first here is a short video to wet your appetite:

When to Visit Western Australia?

WA is huge and as such has a wide variety of weathers.

If you plan to visit anything south of Broome then the best time to visit is during the classic summer months between November and February. The shoulder seasons of October and March can also be lovely.

If you intend to visit the Kimberleys or Broome and above, then you will need to visit during the dry season - May to October.

The Best route for Western Australia Travel Road Trip

Hugging the coastline between Perth and Exmouth is a managable and stunning road trip. It's about 1300km so whilst you could drive it non stop in just over a day (18 hours), there is plenty to see over a 2 to 4 week road trip.

You can also take a beautiful trip south of Perth. Some find this a better experience than the Perth to Exmouth trip. Here you can take in the Margaret River, Albany, Kalgoorlie WA. and one of my favourites, Esperance. You can find Esperance on my hidden gems page:

Australia Travel Tips.

The alternative is to go from Broome across the Gibb River Road through the Kimberleys and experience gorges and cattle ranches. Click here for more information on both the scenery and the Gibb River Road:

The Kimberleys scenery - Australia Reviews

Broome Australia and surroundings

Gibb River Road

Margaret River

Western Australia Travel Road Trip - Perth to Exmouth

There is plenty of accommodation along the way but if you prefer to hire a motor home and always have a place to stay then check out our top tips for hiring a car or motorhome below: camper rentals australia

Here are my top recommendations for stop off places when planning your Western Australia travel trip.


You can easily spend a few days to Perth travel and I would highly recommend incorporating a trip to the Margaret River

2) Travel North. First stop CERVANTES and Lunch at GERALDTON

The first part of the trip north from Perth is fairly uneventful. I'd advise setting off early so that you can make it to Kalbarri before nightfall. It's about a 7 hour trip covering nearly 600km. A 7am start would be good.

That said, 245km into your journey is Cervantes where you will find the Pinacles in Nambung National Park These were certainly more impressive than I thought they would be. a natural rock formation made from limestone and nearly 30,000 years old.

Geraldton is a fairly large town and a good place to stop for lunch. It's probably the largest town you will see for quite a while and even has a McDonalds!! You can stay here if you want to break the journey up too.

3) GERALDTON to KALBARRI (Kalbarri is 600km from Perth; Geraldton is 400km from Perth)

Take a stop off at Hutt River Province. This small province has its own King and Queen and is its own sovereign state, independent from the rest of Australia. It's worth a slight detour to see King Leonard and his wife Sheila, their own stamps, passports and thrones! A must do on your western australia travel road trip.

It's worth staying in Kalbarri for at least a couple of days. Here you can enjoy feeding the pelicans, take a canoe trek down the river and even visit some natural rock formations.


Monkey Mia is a famous coastal town just 25km from the town of Denham. Here you can get up close and personal to dolphins. They come up right to the shore line - magical.

Whilst Monkey Mia is a nice area, it is quite touristy. I'd recommend just a couple of days here.

It's also from here that you can take the Shotover Catamaran and get to see turtles, dolphins and dungongs.

For more information on dolphins, click here: Dolphin Facts.

5) DENHAM to CARNARVON (900km from Perth)

I'd recommend staying around here for one or two days as it is quite beautiful but very quiet! Quite different from Monkey Mia. The Pier at Carnarvon at sunset is stunning, a visit to Westby's Banana Plantation is very interesting but my favourite is probably Shell Beach. It is a beach made up of the tiniest white shells and the result is picture perfect. From here you can also explore a natural phenomena "stromatolites" one of the oldest living things on the planet.

6) CARNARVON to CORAL BAY via Ningaloo Reef (1130km from Perth)

Whilst Ningaloo Reef. is the mecca for divers to see whale sharks and manta rays, I personally think its better to stay at Coral Bay and visit Ningaloo Reef from here. The whale sharks are found here between April and July so if you intend to visit between these times, expect it to be VERY busy. You will need to book in advance to be able to swim with these beauties. Expect to pay top dollar too - approx $350 AUD!

Coral Bay is just a few km up the coast from Exmouth and stil part of Ningaloo Reef and offers stunning views and the same marine life - it's just far less touristy. You could easily relax and enjoy a few days here.

7) CORAL BAY TO EXMOUTH (1300km from Perth)

Whilst Exmouth is lovely, I'd opt to stay at Coral Bay still. You should also visit Turquoise Bay which is just 60km south of Exmouth. It has the best beach and the water lives up to its name.

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