Western Australia Map

"Find out all the best places to visit in Western Australia"

Below you will find a Western Australia Map detailing all the key places to visit. Most visitors to Australia focus on the the East Coast of Australia. The West is therefore much quieter and probably a truer taste of the REAL Australia

A Road Trip along the coast is an excellent way to see Western Australia. I would recommend traveling from Perth to Exmouth as the coastline is stunning and offers lots of variety.

Don't get carried away and try to do too much. There is simply too much driving involved to go from Perth to Broome and to be honest, there are great big patches of nothingness!

You should focus a Western Australia trip on either

  • Perth and Margaret River,
  • Perth to Exmouth
  • Broome and the Gibb River Road and maybe a detour to Cape Leveque. (This area takes in the Kimberleys)
  • For more information on a Western Australia road trip click here on western australia travel

    More Maps of Western Australia (Interactive)

    The map below allows you to manipulate exactly which part of Western Australia you would like to focus on. Just click on the google map and focus in or out to see more or less of the region:

    View Larger Map

    It really depends whether you fancy coastal towns or more rugged Australia.

    There are plenty of awesome coastal towns to visit and they are certainly much quieter than a trip down the East Coast of Australia.

    But for something different, head inland and explore the deserts and Kimberleys.

    For great scenery (think "Australia the Movie" then head to The Kimberleys (Australia Reviews)

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