Violet Crumble

"Violet Crumble - A purple Icon!"

This Australian Chocolate Bar is fairly legendary in Australia. It's bright purple wrapper is easy to spot and hasn't changed much over the many years.

If you've ever had a Crunchie Bar in the UK then you'll know what a Violet Crumble is -honeycomb coated in milk chocolate-yummy! The two are almost identical although the Australian version has a crispier texture and tastes more of marshmallows.

History Of The Violet Crumble

Able Hoadley was a jam and confectionery maker in Melbourne. He placed a small piece of honeycomb in his chocolate selection pack in 1913. The chocolates were packed in violet packaging with flowery design - his wife's favourite colour.

The honeycomb proved so popular that Hoadley decided to make a stand alone honeycomb bar. The nature of honeycomb made production very tricky - he learnt that moisture soon entered the honeycomb causing it to go soft. So he decided to coat it in chocolate to stop the honeycomb from going soft.

So, it was in 1913 that the infamous bar was first created. Able Hoadley originally wanted to call it Crumble but soon discovered that he couldn't trademark this. So, thinking again of his wife, he renamed it to Violet Crumble.

The Purple Bar Today

Today the bar is owned by Nestle Australia and can be found on the confectionery shelves of every supermarket.

Production is still challenging as keeping the moisture from the honeycomb is critical. The metalised cellophane wrapper is another critical part of the process of ensuring no moisture gets into the bars.

Did you know that when the bars are made in the Nestle factory, special technology is used to keep the moisture out, the area is air conditioned and the bars are coated in chocolate twice to keep the honeycomb from the air.

Recipe Ideas

Here are a selection of favourite recipes that may inspire you....

  • Use crushed up crumble pieces in your next cheese cake as part of the cream cheese mixture. You can then sprinkle more pieces on top of the cake to decorate
  • Chocolate honeycomb Slices are also a great hit with everyone. Simply heat condensed milk, butter, plain biscuits and 3 V crumble bars together. Place in a greased proof tray and then top with melted chocolate. Decorate with more of the crumble
  • Try it on top of ice-cream or crushed in milkshakes
  • For those of you deprived of either crunchie or V Crumble, you can make your own honeycomb. It is fairly tricky though as getting it to set can be difficult. You will need a sugar thermometer so that the mixture reaches 300 F or 148 C to ensure your success. It's as simple as combining honey, corn syrup and sugar together and then baking soda at the end which will quadruple the mixture (so make sure you use a big enough pan)

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