"Twisties - The Australian icon when it comes to chips!"

Lets be clear what these things are - if you are from Australia, New Zealand or North America, you'll call these things chips. If you are in the UK or Europe, you'll call them crisps.

Either way, they are not a traditional looking crisp or chip - they are what is known in the industry as an "extruded product" - sounds lovely doesn't it!! Anyway, it's like a knobbly short stick covered in yummy flavourings.

History of Twisities

These yummy snacks first hit the market in 1950 and were produced by a company called General Foods Corporation. The Smith's Snackfood Company took over ownership of the brand in 1964.

The Chicken and Cheese flavours remain the most popular flavours. They both remain top sellers in the chip aisle of supermarkets around Australia.

It's unclear as to why the Aussies love these chips so much but the iconic advertising of the 80's and 90's will certainly have helped - the ads are always a little different and querky which certainly appeals to the sense of humour of the Aussies. The campaigns were built around a slogan of "Life's pretty straight without Twisties"

The ad below from the 1980's features Natalie Imbruglia:

The Original Recipe V's New Zealand Cruncheese Recipe

You can pretty much go across the globe now and find some sort of "extruded corn and rice product" equivalent but in my opinion, the recipe is never quite the same as the Australian one.

Take the Cruncheese Recipe made by Bluebird in New Zealand as an example. Whilst the products look pretty similar and the main ingredients of Corn, Rice and Water are used, the NZ version is less dense and is a bit less wiggly in shape!

Which do you prefer? I personally like the Chicken Australian flavour the best but the NZ version is only available in cheese flavour.

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