Turquoise Bay

"Turquoise Bay - Aptly named with pristine sands and turquoise waters!"

If you like your beaches pristine and beautiful then look no further. Turquoise Bay is about 60 km south of Exmouth on the West Coast of Australia.

It is just metres from the famous Ningaloo Reef (think manta rays, turtles and whale sharks) which attracts thousands of tourists a year for the quality of the diving and snorkelling.

The Bay is part of the Cape Range National Park and is the place for you if you intend to relax, and unwind on a beautiful beach AND what to discover an awesome place to dive or snorkel.

Why Snorkel or Dive Here?

What's great about this Bay is that the marine life and reef start so near to the shore line (about 30 metres.) This makes it an a really easy place to snorkel or dive as there is no long boat trip out to the reef - it's literally all there.

Being so near Ningaloo Reef, you can expect to see some amazing marine life. It's not uncommon to see manta rays, sea turtles and an abundance of beautiful coloured fish.

This is a perfect place for beginners to practice their diving and snorkeling skills.

Getting here is best done as part of an overall road trip along the west coast of Australia (see page on Western Australia Travel for more details.

Or you can fly to Exmouth from Perth if you have less time with Skywest.

The Drift Snorkel

If you are a bit more of an experienced swimmer/snorkeler then you can try the "drift Snorkel" You swim out to the reef on the southern end of the beach and then let the current bring you back into the shore line and the sand bank.

It's certainly worth doing as this part of the reef has wonderful coloured fish and beautiful coral. Don't attempt this one if you are a poor swimmer though.

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Where to Stay

Accommodation is limited around the bay itself. I'd recommend staying in Exmouth or better still, Coral Bay which is a bit more of a drive.

See the page on Ningaloo Reef for more details.

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