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Trying to plan your trip and decide where to travel in Australia?

As you've probably worked out by now, Australia is a big country and so your trip needs some careful planning for finding the right Australia travel destinations. THIS PAGE GIVES YOU MY TOP 10 PLACES TO VISIT.

Hopefully these tips will help you decide where to go during your trip. But don't miss my best page - Australia Travel tips - this gives all my secret places that only the locals know about! As well as my Only In Australia page which shows unique Australian experiences that you just can't get anywhere else.

My advice is not to try to do everything in one trip. Once you have been, you will want to come back and do more. Pick a few managable areas and do them well.

My Top 10 Places To Visit In Australia

I often find that trawling through guide books and internet sites leaves me with too much information, making it hard to make a decision on which Australia travel destinations to pick. Hopefully, this guide to Travel in Australia will help:

You can't come to Australia and not come to Sydney There's just so many Things to do in Sydney - you won't be disappointed.

Melbourne is a very different city to Sydney and there's lots of greatThings to do in Melbourne Experience the contrast, it's cafe culture and shopping.

Beautiful tropical islands for anyone wanting a relaxing holiday. Whitsundays Australia totally blew me away when we went first time and we've been back for more!

Just outside of Melbourne you will find this stunning Great Ocean Drive . Admire the Apostles and quaint seaside towns and Koalas in the trees.

The No.1 tourist attractions is the Great Barrier Reef Australia and you just have to go! Fabulous coral and tropical fish for both snorkelers and divers alike.

An East Coast Australia Road Trip just has to be done. This one takes you from Sydney to Noosa. You can also pick from Sydney to Melbourne or Cairns Australia to Brisbane

The Red Centre and Ayers Rock Australia is well worth the extra cost of the flight to get there. A truly remarkable area where you really get what the Australian outback is like. You can also consider a trip on the Ghan Train

A Perth Travel trip that also incorporates the Margaret River is another great trip. The west is much quieter than the East and the scenery is beautiful.

If you want to travel in Australia and experience a totally unspoiled area of Australia, driving on red unsealed roads and an abundance of wildlife in their natural habitat (including kangaroos, koalas, sea lions, penguins and platypus) then Kangaroo Island Australia is most certainly the place for you.

Visit Tasmania Australia for beautiful scenery, national parks as well as great food and wine. It reminds me of Scotland!

Your trip should be at least 3 weeks. If you are lucky enough to have 3-6 months for travel in Australia then you should aim to cover the top 10 and take your time. The trips I have outlined all show the minimum time you should spend here. They could all be done much more leisurely, particularly the road trips.

If you have a shorter time than 3 weeks for travel in Australia (perhaps you want to spend 2 weeks in New Zealand and just a week in Australia,) I would opt for covering a small area such as Sydney and some of the East coast surrounding Sydney. Spending less than 3 weeks in total though in either Australia or New Zealand just isn't recommended if you are coming from the US or Europe - it takes at least a week to get over the jet lag. This page gives you ideas to combine your trip: Australia New Zealand Travel

If this is your second trip, consider exploring the top end, Tasmania or Western Australia or parts of the East coast that you missed first time.

Click here for ideas on travel itineraries

Australia Travel itineraries

You can also check out my travel photos at Travel Photos Australia for more inspiration.

Once you've looked at the top 10 places for travel in Australia, you can then head to my Australia Luxury Travel page where you can discover some fabulous venues in your chosen destination.

Also consider stopping off on your way here or way back. Or why not combine a trip to Australia with one to New Zealand. For more information, go to

travel from Australia

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Other Destinations That Didn't Quite Make The Top 10!

Whilst the above are my top 10 places to travel in Australia, I can't help but want to mention the below as other great ideas for your visit to Australia:

Queensland Holidays - probably my favourite state in Australia, packed full of great Australia travel destinations. Good for couples and families.

Australia Reviews - If you want to experience the spectacular scenery that you see on the film "Australia" then you really need to check this page out.

For more outback experiences check out Australian Holidays - and the 4th attraction on the list.

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