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"Visit Asia, Fiji, New Zealand or Bali whilst you are here!"

Travel from Australia can be a little more difficult when you consider how far away Australia is from any other country.

If you are planning a trip to Australia, you've probably already worked out that it's a long way from anywhere else! It also takes a long time to get here especially if you are travelling from Europe or the US.

So, most try to combine a trip to Australia with a few other places just to make the most of being in the southern hemisphere and in this part of the world.

Unless you are coming here for more than 3 weeks, I'd limit your travel from Australia and not try to do too much. Australia is huge and you need at least 3 weeks to do it justice. In fact, you'll only be able to see a small part of this amazing country with 3 weeks.

Travel From Australia: Stop Overs

Many travellers choose to do a stop over for a few days on the way there or way back for travel from Australia. This also has the added benefit of breaking up the long flight and the jet lag. Asia is usually a classic choice for this but see below for more recommendations for stop overs:

Asia is the classic choice as most flights pass through Asia and stop to refuel. From Europe to Asia, the flights are around 12 hours. Then from Asia to Australia, the flights are around 8 hours. It's no wonder that this continent is a popular stop off for travel from Australia.


This is a very western part of Asia and as such caters well to western tourists. It's easy to spend a few days here for your travel from Australia and you can usually find some great bargains for accommodation. You should be able to find a 5 star hotel for under $200 AUD.

Also worthy of note is the airport at Singapore. If you don't have time for a stop over in Singapore, it's worth considering a few hours of down time at Singapore airport to break up your journey. There is a day spa, cinema and much more. I have used the day spa between flights and it has totally rejuvenated me. You can have treatments or just sit in the pool and enjoy a refreshing shower.

Here are my top 5 things to do whilst you are there:

1) Go for a Singapore Sling at the famous Raffles Hotel. Or maybe High Tea is more your thing? Book in advance though as getting in last minute can be difficult.

2) Get yourself some clothes made. A trip down Orchards street is fabulous with lots of great shopping and the place to find someone to make you the perfect outfit in less than 24 hours.

3) Go to the Night Safari. This is potentially the best zoo experience I've ever had. It takes place at night when the animals are very active. It's a bit of a way out of time so make sure you leave enough time to get there.

4) Visit Little India. If you want to get away from the skyscrapers then head to this area for some lovely food.

5) Visit Sentosa. This is a great option if you fancy beach rather than city. The beaches are lovely and the island is small enough to walk around. Access is easy as you can catch a cable car from the mainland or drive there. Go for the day or stay here instead of the city.

Kuala Lumpur

Another very western part of Asia is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and is a great destination for travel from Australia.

1) Visit the Petronas Towers. These are the tallest buildings in the world and have featured in many films. Whilst you can't go right to the top, you can go to the observation bridge which links the two towers together.

2) Have lunch at the Coliseum. This is one of the old colonial hotels and is still fairly grand today. Steaks, chops and vegetables are still on the menu as they would have been 100 years ago.

3) If you are into birds then why not visit the Bird Park. It has an impressive collection of tropical and temperate-region birds.

4) Most tourists enjoy the shopping and you'll find lots of malls and markets. The best areas are probably Pavillion Mall and Central Markets

5) Do you want to try something different? This is not for the faint hearted. Kenko Fish Spa is a new technique that gets fish to nibble the dead skin off your feet?!! A reason alone to visit Kuala Lumpur and travel from Australia!

Bangkok and Thailand

This is a popular holiday destination for the Australians as there are a few flight operators keeping flights competitive, and it's still reasonably cheap when you get there. A good option for cheap travel from Australia

For Bangkok I'd look to do the following:

1) Visit the Grand Palace. This is where the king used to reside but it is still used for special occasions. You can't go inside but you can admire the beautiful buildings

2) Wat Sai floating market - take a barge tour from outside the Grand Palace (Make sure you bargain) and pick one that takes in the Royal Barges museum too. Here you can see the beautiful boats that were used for the King's processions

3) Chatuchak Weekend Market - the place to shop in Bangkok. It has everything here including restaurants too. Go early to avoid the heat and the crowds (opens from 7am)

4) Segway Tours - if you fancy doing something a bit more adventurous and different than a tuk tuk tour then try one of these gadgets. It's a two wheeled electronic device and it's very easy to use. A guide will take you to some of the hidden gems of Bangkok. Check out

5) Enjoy the nightlife. A night in Bangkok is usually good value and we've all heard of the lady boy shows etc. Bars are a plentiful and generally offer a good night out.

If you would rather head to the beaches of Thailand then consider the area around Phuket. Jet Star fly directly to and from Phuket from Sydney and at certain times of the year there are special reduced fares.

Phuket itself is a major tourist destination and as a result it is full of touristy stalls, restaurants and heaps of bars. This is not the place if you are wanting a quiet beach holiday. It's more like going to Ibiza but in Asia!

The surrounding area however is lovely and offers more tranquil resorts. Phi Phi Island is a favourite day tour and great place to actually stay (It's near where they filmed "The Beach."

Hong Kong

This is generally a more expensive route as the flight times are slightly longer to get to Europe. It is however a fab city and worth a visit for your travel from Australia.

1) Take a trip up to the Victoria Peak. Here there is a beautiful view across Hong Kong although it can be very misty due to the smog. There is a short walk that you can take that takes in the sites. It's more impressive than the viewing tower in my opinion and it's free.

2) Shop at Stanley Markets - a lovely area of Hong Kong and also the home to its largest marekt. There is everything here from fake designer gear to electronics and clothes. Haggle for a bargain.

3) View the light show. Take the Star ferry over to Kow Loon so you get a beautiful view of the city skyline. The light show takes place every evening about 8pm. For a bit of luxury why not go to the Inter Continental hotel for possibly the best view in town and sip one of their expensive but lovely cocktails.

4) Take a wander down town through the back streets. Here you will find some fine restaurants and good bars and pubs. You should also find the largest escalator ever. It's used to get the locals to and from work in the morning and evening. It runs it opposite directions depending on the time of day.

5) Try some Dim Sum. It's probably one of Hong Kong's most famous specialities. You just pick a few dishes that all come pretty much at the same time - Like Spanish Tapas only Asian.


You don't actually need a stop off for the US as the 14-16 hour flight is direct. You can however still include a stop off on your way if you prefer. You could do Asia as per the above or you could try Fiji as your destination for travel from Australia.

Fiji is a collection of idyllic islands and a 10 hour flight from LA, this is a great way to break up the journey and get over the jet lag.

The main island is Vitu Levi with the main town being Nadi. You can stay around here and then go for day tours out to some of the islands. Or, you can choose to stay on one of the islands for a more Robinson Crusoe experience. From 5 star luxury to more basic accommodation, you'll find something wonderful here.

It is a popular destination with the Australians as flight time is only 3 hours. Also the best time to go is between May and November as this is the dry season and temperatures are a little more comfortable. This is Australia's winter so another reason why the Aussies flock here for some sun during the cooler winter months. A classic destination for travel from Australia.

Travel From Australia: Countries To Visit If You Have More Time

If you have more time and plan to spend a few months in the southern hemisphere then here are my best bets of places to visit.Here are some of my recommendations as to where to travel from Australia:

New Zealand

This is a classic choice made by most. Flight time is 3 hours and there is a 2-3 hour time difference depending on when you visit. New Zealand is a breathtaking country and if you like mountainous scenery or skiing then this could be the place for you.

It's much quieter than Australia and seems to be more English too.

Getting to New Zealand from Australia is also pretty easy with Air New Zealand, Emirates and Qantas all flying there. Only thing to be aware of is that they charge you a $25 exit fee when you leave the airport. If you have a visa for Australia, you don't need any specific visa to get into the country. This is a great place to travel from Australia as the two countries are very different but both speak English.

The North Island is where you will find Auckland, the capital of New Zealand and some classic attractions such as Rotorua. Rotorua is a very popular destination spot in New Zealand as it is famous for its thermal activity which includes geysers, steaming hot pools, mud pools and lakes. It is the spiritual home to the Maori.

Personally I'd head to the south island as the scenery is particularly stunning. Here you will find pretty towns such as Christchurch (a bit like Oxford in England) amazing wineries around Blenheim and Marlborough, and you must visit the area around Queenstown and Lake Wanaka.

Queenstown is often known as the adrenalin capital of the world as this is the place for skiing and the infamous bungy jumping. Lake Wanaka is a smaller town with a beautiful lake. We did a flight over to Milford Sound from here which was just awesome. Definitely check out Milford Sound as it is very pretty and includes a boat trip.

Another good spot to try is the Cook Islands. These are generally fairly expensive and are a set of islands off the coast of New Zealand. If you are looking for a luxury beach holiday then this could be a good option. Generally you have to fly into New Zealand and then fly to the the Cook Islands. There are no direct flights from Australia.


his is another great beach option for travel from Australia, especially if you want to experience another culture. Bali is in Indonesia and flight times from Sydney are around 6 hours.

Famous for its spas and beaches, this is a great place to relax and unwind. May to September is the dry season so is the best time to go although temperatures are usually fairly consistent at 31 degrees throughout the year. The humidity in the wet season is however much higher.

As you can see there really are lots of destinations to travel from Australia.

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