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Canberra is the official capital of Australia and is the largest Australian inland city. It is however only the 8th largest city overall. Many Melbourners or Sydney Siders often look at you slightly strangely when you mention that you are planning a Canberra holiday. It has a reputation for being a bit boring and quite frankly this just isn't true.

It is certainly very different from its cousins Melbourne and Sydney but offers the visitor something very unique that the other cities just don't have - Amazing Muesums.

The other thing that makes it different is that Canberra is is a totally planned city. It became the official capital of Australia in 1908 when no consensus could be made between Melbourne or Sydney for capital city.

Some Canberra History

A famous architect Burley Griffin, won the honour of landscaping the city and the design was heavily influenced by the garden movement. As a result, Canberra tourism boasts plenty of greenery and areas of lush vegetation. Given its inland position, Travel Canberra and you'll see it is surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful countryside. It's a great place to bring your bike or enjoy some lovely walks

From here its not that far to the Snowy Mountains (2 hour drive – 120km) where you can ski during winter – Perisher Blue and Threadbo are the most well known. In the summer there are also great things to do in the mountains including cycling, kayaking and bush walking. The flowers are particularly beautiful in the summer months.

These days people travel Canberra to visit its museums. This is the place for you if you want to learn more about Australian culture, wars, science, and art. It has an astonishing number of museums for you to explore. Not only that, they are absolutely great. They are very well thought out and interactive.

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When To Travel Canberra

Given most people visit the Canberra area for its museums, you can visit all year round.

For more information visit:

Canberra Weather.

Here you will find out more about rain fall, temperatures and special events that take place here in Canberra such as the National Folk Festival Canberra so you can plan your trip around these key dates.

Getting There And How Long To Stay

Canberra has an international airport so you can fly here from most Australian cities. It’s about a 3 hour drive from Sydney and 6 hours from Melbourne if you prefer to explore by car.

Allow at least 3 days to see the Canberra tourism sites so you can do it properly. You may decide you need longer if you really get into the museum thing or want to spend more time doing the Poachers Trail.

My advice would be to spend a day in the city being a culture vulture and pick one or two of the museums you like the sound of most.

Then spend a day in the nearby green areas where you can cycle or bush walk. Or, be more adventurous and try kayaking or mountain biking.

On the third day, visit the wineries and enjoy the Poachers Trail.

See the Getting Around Canberra page for more information on public transport, hiring bikes and how much you can expect to pay in a taxi to the airport.

Where to stay

For information on where to stay go to my two pages on hotels and motels

Here you will find out information on the best hotels or motels to stay in:

Hotels in Canberra.

Motels in Canberra.

Travel Canberra - Where To Eat

For the best restaurants in town don't miss my page below on

Restaurants in Canberra.

For Cocktails try

  • Hippo Lounge on Garema Place or
  • Knightsbridge Penthouse, 34 Mort Street Braddon.
  • For a more traditional pub atmosphere

  • The Phoenix, 21 East Row
  • Wig and Pen, Canberra House Arcade, Alinga Street

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