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The Ghan Is A Great Train Journey

The Ghan Is A Great Train Journey

Would you train travel Australia?

I will be staying in Brisbane for over five weeks. I Plan to travel from Brisbane to Sydney via Gold Coast, Newcastle, Bondi etc.

Then as a second trip I intend to do Brisbane to Cairns via Bundaberg. At the end of both journeys, I will fly back to Brisbane

Please advise whether these trips can be taken by train (like by Euro Rail in Europe?)

Which will be better - by train or bus and which is more economical. Please advise. Thanks.


Trains in Australia are not that great and are certainly not like the ones in Europe so overall train travel Australia is not a great option.

When you get to Newcastle or nearer to the major cities, the trains are much better but further out, they are expensive, infrequent and not worth the hassle.

The only exception to that is if you fancy an epic train journey – either crossing the country from say Sydney to Perth or the other way – Adelaide to Darwin. These journeys take days but are an adventure in their own right.

The Bus is the most economical but the journey times are very long. How do you feel about sitting upright for 9 hours at a time?

The other thing you can try is joining a car full of back packers. There are usually blog posts or adverts in towns for people wanting to share transport costs.

Check out my page on bus travel to find out more about the key operators so you can see how much it will cost you.

Bus Travel Australia and here for

Train Travel Australia

Flying in and out of Brisbane - try Jetstar or Virgin blue for the cheapest domestic flights.

Hope that helps

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