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In General you don't visit Tasmania for its weather. Its location, an island south of Melbourne makes it the coldest of all the Australian states. But its weather shouldn't put you off. The wide number of walking trails mean you don't want temperatures to be too hot.

When is the best time to visit Tasmania?

The best time of year is the core summer months. Temperatures are usually around 24 rather than 30's which makes it a nice time of year. Spring and Autumn could be more suitable for walking holidays with temperatures in the high teens or low 20's. Expect some rain at this time of year though. Also remember that the mountains can impact the weather in Tasmania. So whilst one side of a mountain range may be warm and sunny, it could be raining on the other side

Can You Visit In Winter?

Winter in Tasmania is cold. But the hotels and restaurants cater well for the cold with reverse cycle air conditioning in most places. There are lots of places offering warm log fires and beautiful views that this can be an affordable and beautiful time to visit Tasmania

Weather Statistics for Tasmania

Here are the weather stats for Hobart which will give you a sense of what the weather is like in Tasmania.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Mean Maximum Temp 22.5 22.3 20.7 18.1 15.2 12.9 12.4 13.4 15.3 17.3 18.9 20.6
Mean Minimum Temp121210.
Mean Rainfall mm4136.636.643.234.530.143.946.440.74743.353.6

Show me the Weather Forecast for Tasmania

If your trip to Tasmania is coming up soon, then follow the link below which will give you the most accurate picture of the Tasmania Weather.

Be warned though, weather can change quickly in Australia and they seem incapable of getting it right first time. Keep checking to see if it changes!

Tasmania 14 day forecast

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