Tasmania Australia

"The most picturesque parts of Australia"

Tasmania Australia or Tazzie as the locals call it, is the smallest of the Australian states and is an island off the mainland below Melbourne. It has a mild climate which means it never gets too hot. It does however get quite cold!

This is not the place to come if you want to guarantee yourself good weather. It is however the place if you love walking, want spectacular beaches and mountain scenery or like good food and wine. It reminds me of Scotland for anyone of you who has been – breath taking views around every corner.

When to come

You can visit Tasmania Australia all year round as it’s not really about the weather. If you want to do some serious walking then Summer is probably best, although you can still get some very warm temperatures that can make walking less fun.

The Sydney to Hobart Yaucht race over Christmas brings out the crowds as does the local farmers markets that are around about this time. Spring or Autumn are less busy and you should get reasonable temperatures.

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How long for

I’d recommend at least 8 days to really explore Tasmania Australia. We did a couple of long weekends and did the island is sections, so this is an alternative if you only have a couple of days.

Either focus around the Hobart area or Launceston area given this is where the airports are. In a week you can cover a lot of ground as long as you don’t mind moving at a reasonable pace.

Getting here

Getting to Tasmania Australia is pretty straight forward. You can fly into Launceston (at the top) and Hobart (at the bottom) very cheaply through Jet Star and Virgin Blue.

You can also get the Spirit of Tasmania ferry that goes from Melbourne and arrives in Davenport (top of the island. ) It takes about 10 hours. If you have a car full of people, it’s probably worth it as prices start from about $75 one way. You can usually pick up a return flight for about $100 per person.

Getting Around

Once here in Tasmania, you need to hire a car so that you can get around. It’s a real self drive type place. You can probably do a tour but it’s more about the driving really.

Take a look at these pages to help get the best prices for either car or campervan rentals

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What to see and do

For a comprehensive guide on what to do and how to spend your time in Tasmania, go to Tasmania Tourism

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