Sydney Wildlife World

"Sydney Wildlife World - a convenient location to see all the key Australian Animals!"

The Wildlife World is a relatively new edition to Sydney's Darling Harbour. It is very close to the Sydney Aquarium and in fact they actively encourage you to go to both with special admission prices for both.

Whilst it's not as good as the Aquarium, in my opinion, it is a great place to see some of the popular Australian Animals.

It's also a good chance to familiarise yourself with some of the most deadliest spiders and snakes that you can find around Australia! Have you seen my page on Dangerous Australian Animals?.

Finding Sydney Wildlife World and Opening Times

The Wildlife Centre is open 9am til 5pm practically every day of the year (maybe not Christmas Day)

If you buy a ticket after 4.30pm you can come the following morning before noon free of charge.

It's really easy to find if you head to Darling Harbour. It is a pretty significant building almost next door to the Sydney Aquarium.

That means you need to be on the same side as the city and not Harbour Side near the Maritime Museum or Convention Centre.

So, you can walk to it from the city down Market street or Kent Street or get a ferry from Circular Quay. round to Darling Harbour (drop off is pretty much outside the Sydney Aquarium. at the Aquarium Pier)

Sydney Wildlife World Prices

Prices are pretty expensive when you start taking the whole family but I still think it's worth it if you want to see an array of Australian Animals.

It's best value to combine your ticket with the Sydney Aquarium which in my opinion is the better of the two.

Cost per adult is approx $35 and $18 per child.

But if you pay about $10 more you get to visit Sydney Wildlife World and:

  • The Sydney Aquarium
  • Ocean World Manly
  • Sydney Tower
  • This is the best way to go. Ocean World Manly is OK but nowhere near as good as the Sydney Aquarium and the Tower has some great views.

    If you plan to go to the Sydney Aquarium then get the add on and go to the Wildlife World.

    If you book on line you get a slight discount but it's more the fact that you don't have to queue when you get there - you can just walk straight through. This is particularly important if you plan to come in December or January which are both very busy.

    What Animals Can You Expect To See

    There are heaps of things to see but here are the key animals:

  • Snakes and Spiders - The first sections focus on these deadly inhabitants of Australia. You get to see them in all their glory and it lets you know which are the most deadly and where you can expect to find them in Australia.
  • Lizards and small nocturnal animals (bilbies, quolls, sugar gliders) - they have some big lizards!
  • Rex the Crocodlie - one of the Worlds largest crocodiles. This really is huge!
  • Butterflies - a lovely but very hot area where the butterflies will actually come to you and perch on your hand.
  • Cassowary - An Australian Emu which is actually very dangerous

  • Australian Kangaroos. and Wallabies - Tend to be very sleepy and not hop too much from what I've seen but still nice to see them. Unfortunately they are behind the glass most of the time
  • Koala Bears. There's a nice roof top area where you can admire them sleeping or scratching on their trees

  • Activities and Talks

    There are 3 main talks provided both in the morning and afternoon and these are about

  • Kangaroos
  • Koalas
  • Crocodiles
  • Check the times when you arrive but they are usually every couple of hours on the hour between 10am and 3pm.

    You can arrange for a special hour guided tour which is the same price if there is one or 20 of you at approx $210. Good if there is a group of you but not worth it if not.

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