Sydney Walking Tours

Sydney Walking Tours - A chance to see this beautiful city at its best. Discover its hidden secrets, it's hidden gems and the details many tourists miss!

Sydney is a relatively compact city compared to say London or New York and you really can walk from one side to the other in about half an hour.

It means that seeing the sights on foot is a great way to explore the city.

There are plenty of options too - from self guided walks to organised tours.

Whilst I am usually a big fan of D.I.Y., sometimes a tour is a wonderful way of really getting to know the back streets without getting lost.

This page aims to tell you about the best walks, ones that you can do yourself, the best tours and a local guide if you want something a little different.

Self Guided Sydney Walking Tours

These are my two favourite walks in Sydney. I've taken lots of pictures along the way so you won't get lost. The first takes in all the beautiful sites of Circular Quay and Darling Harbour. The second is a local's coastal walk that takes you through some spectacular suburbs of Sydney and hugs the coast line for most of the walk. Make sure you bring your swimmers!

Circular Quay Area

Walk From Watsons Bay

Another of the great Sydney Walking tours is around the Rocks - most visitors rarely get off George Street, the main strip, yet there is so much vibrancy and history in the little lanes behind the main street. The area is full of amazing old buildings, houses and of course interesting stories - And that's what's so good about the tours. You get to hear about real people who lived in these streets. My other recommendation for Sydney Walking Tours is a coastal walk. You could stick to the classic Bondi to Coogee Walk, but I'd recommend doing something a little different (like my Watson's Bay Walk above)

Sydney Ghost Tours

If you fancy something a little different, then I can highly recommend spending 2 hours one evening to do a Sydney Ghost Tour. Now, I know most of you out there probably don't believe in ghosts, but by the end of this tour, you just might!

If nothing else, you get to see some of the hidden areas within the Rocks and get a real sense of what it would be like to live here in the 1800's.

I chose "The Rocks Ghost Tours" and was not disappointed.

The tour starts at Cadmans Cottage (the oldest cottage in Sydney) right next to the Museum of Contemporary Art and you are greeted by a strange looking fellow, well and truly looking the part! He was dressed all in black with an old fashioned hat and Doctors Case. Our guide, Mark, played his part wonderfully, creating just the right mood for a ghost tour.

Torches are provided so you can see where you are going as some areas are quite dark. There are even lanterns to really create the atmosphere.

The guide takes you all through the rocks, unlocking secret gates that take you into tiny laneways and at each stop you are told tales of murder, beatings, gangs, smuggling, secret tunnels, life in the slums and of course, recent sitings of ghosts.

It also takes you to Observatory Hill, which offers THE best view over the Harbour and North Sydney.

The tour is fast paced, lasts two hours and there is a fair amount of walking involved during that time, including quite a few sets of steep steps, but fine for anyone with at least a small level of fitness.

Book in advance to do this tour - I went during the out of season months and it was still fully booked, with about 20 people. Cost is $42 and for 2 hours of entertainment packed full of interesting content, it's money well spent.

This would be great for anyone struggling to entertain bored teenagers. I was also pleasantly surprised about the number of Sydneysiders on the tour - it's certainly not just for the overseas visitors.

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