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"A Sydney Pass will save you money!"

If you are planning a visit to Sydney or to a few cities in Australia then I would strongly advise getting yourself an attractions pass.

There are plenty of options to choose from and I have done the hard work for you by evaluating each ticket type to work out which offers the best value. It will come down to how many attractions and what type of attractions you would like to see as to whether the pass is worth it.

What Is The Sydney Pass And How Does It Work?

The Iventure pass offers a variety of pass types depending on how long you are staying in Sydney and also whether you are visiting other parts of Australia.

It is essentially a card that you buy which then gives you access to the top attractions at a discounted rate. In some instances you may need to get the card and then book ahead for some of the attractions, but in most cases, you simply turn up with your card and get free entry.

You will get an online voucher which you will then need to take to an address in Sydney to get your card. The two addresses are very central and are located in the key tourist hubs:

Australian Travel Specialist Shop 191 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour or Shop W1 Cnr Alfred St & Wharf 6, Circular Quay

If your stay is going to concentrate around Sydney then I would go for an unlimited access pass to all the attractions on their list.

If you are planning places to visit in Australia and intend to visit more than one city e.g Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, then I'd go for a 7 attractions multi-city pass. where you can choose 7 attractions in total from any city.

Will the Sydney Pass Save Me Money?

In short, it should! Depending which option you go for prices for the card are between $130 and $270

What's good about the Sydney pass and Multi-city pass is that they offer top attractions.

Here are some of the best picks that are included as part of your pass. The links will take you to my pages which will tell you more about that attraction:

  • Sydney Aquarium
  • Sydney Wildlife World
  • Tours of Sydney Australia Opera House
  • Walking Tour of The Rocks Sydney
  • A cruise on the Harbour
  • A coach tour of the city including Bondi Beach
  • It also includes attractions in Manly Australia like a 2 hour Bike Ride and free entry to Ocean World.
  • A bus tour of the Blue Mountains National Park is also on the list.

    So, I've done the math, and providing you pick the top attractions and don't just visit all the smaller, museum type attractions, the pass is well worth it.

    You also need to be realistic as to how many attractions you can squeeze into your day. You'll want some down time and perhaps chance to visit some of the Sydney attractions not on the list e.g. Taronga Zoo and the Sydney Bridgeclimb are two top attractions that aren't on the list.

    So here are the top attractions featured on the Sydney Pass and their individual entry fees if you were NOT to buy the pass and simply buy entry to each individual attraction (the prices are obviously subject to change) and I have taken the prices from the attraction's website as many of the attractions offer reduced entry prices for pre-booking tickets on line rather than at the venue. I thought this would be a fairer way of making the comparison:

    Key Sydney Attraction Entry Prices

  • Sydney Opera House Tour - $35
  • Majistic Scenic Cruise - $25
  • Jetboating ride on the harbour - $65
  • The Rocks Walking Tour - $32
  • City and Bondi Beach Coach Tour - $65
  • Wildlife Sydney - $32*
  • Sydney Aquarium - $32*
  • Sydney Tower Eye - $25*
  • Blue Mountains Explorer Bus - $35
  • ANZ Stadium Tour Homebush - $49
  • Featherdale Wildlife Park - $27
  • Jenolan Caves Blue Mountains - $30
  • (*The attractions marked with a * can actually be combined for a cheaper price as they are all owned by the same company. So if all you fancied from the list were those marked with the *, you might be better to get an aquarium combined ticket through the aquarium/wildlife/tower eye websites)

    Second Tier Sydney Attraction Entry Prices

  • Museum of Sydney - $10
  • Chinese Garden of Friendship - $6
  • Powerhouse Museum - $12
  • Sydney Observatory 3d Theatre & Telescope tour - $8
  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre inc sauna etc - $14.50
  • Australia Maritime Museum - $20
  • There are a heap more options to choose from including Elizabeth Bay House, Vaucluse House, Hyde Park Barracks, as well as discounts on restaurants.

    How Much Does The Pass Cost?

    For a 2 day unlimited use Sydney pass it is $155 per person. It is strictly one pass per person and can't be interchanged between family members. They do a child's pass at a slightly cheaper rate too.(child is classed as 5-15)

    So if you think you are going to get round more than the top 4 on this list then the pass will pay for itself. If you were able to get round every attraction on the Sydney list, it would be well over $800 in entry fees!!

    For a 3 day pass it is $190 - you'd need to be getting round 6/7 top attractions

    For a 7 day pass it is $270 - you'd need to be ticking off the majority of the key attractions.

    You can also add transport in for about an extra $30. This gives you a bus and train ticket for the length of your stay so you can hop on and hop off wherever you need to.

    If you plan to see the attractions that are in the suburbs then it would be worth having the transport. But if you are going to do the key sites around Darling Harbour, Circular Quay and the city then I would probably not bother with the transport option, providing your hotel is reasonably central.

    Another alternative is the 5 in one attractions pass for $130. If you just want to pick 5 of the top attractions then this is probably your best option.

    multi-city passes are great for anyone spending just a short time in each area. The cost is $180 for 7 attractions or $130 for 5 attractions.

    The other top attractions on the list for Melbourne and Brisbane area are just as good as the Sydney offerings. It includes

    Melbourne Aquarium

    Melbourne Zoo

    Melbourne Observation Deck

    Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

    Brisbane River Cruises

    Advice On Which Sydney Pass/Multi City Pass To Pick?

    You have to start using your Sydney pass within 12 months of purchase and then from the day you start using the pass, it has to be consecutive days.

    So if you only have 3 days in Sydney, go for either the 2 or 3 day unlimited Sydney and beyond pass

    If you plan to spend longer (say 4 days to 2 weeks) you could still go for one of the above passes giving you free time to do other things. If you can afford it, go for the 7 day unlimited pass, this means you don't have to cram everything into 2 or 3 consecutive days.

    Alternatively go for the 5 in one attractions pass which is valid for 3 months so takes the pressure off using it on consecutive days, giving you access to 5 attractions of your choice.

    Whilst the Sydney pass might seem like a large upfront cost, you will save money in the long run and avoid entry queues - a good investment if you are planning to do the key Sydney attractions.

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