Sydney Nightlife

"Sydney nightlife - you are guaranteed a good night out!"

In our hay day we partied hard in we have a child we don't get the chance to paint the town red quite as often! But we are still very much in touch with the in places to go out so see below for some great places to enjoy the Sydney nightlife.

There's also a section for those of you who want to enjoy a quiet few drinks rather than a BIG night out!

Best Suburbs and Areas for Sydney Nightlife

There are lots of good places to go out in Sydney so here are the best of the best:


The City is a great option in the week especially on a Thursday or Friday night when the city boys and girls stay out for a few drinks. The Ivy is the "in" place to go which is on George Street up a small alley way near Peter Alexander, the pyjama shop! Go early as they do sometimes only allow members in after a certain time.

If you want something a little less pretentious then try "Establishment" further down George Street towards The Rocks. It always has great music, a large bar and sometimes live music. A favourite with the city boys.

If a pub is more your thing then try Brooklyn on George Street


Famous for its Pubs. If you like an old fashion pub then a pub crawl around Balmain could be a right up your street. Here are a few for you to try:

  • The London
  • The Exchange
  • The Welcome
  • Town Hall
  • The Sackville

    This is probably THE party area of Sydney. It is a bit like Soho in London if you have ever been - a mixture of great bars and seedy "men only" type clubs, prostitutes on corners etc etc - it's certainly eclectic, but if you are young and into partying then this is the place to come.

    The best thing to do is take a wander and dip down a few side streets as there are some small but funky little bars to try. Here are a few to try:

    Hugo's Lounge Another bar for the rich and famous. Try a pizza at the bar downstairs as an alternative!

    Piano Bar - another of the "in" places to be seen at

    Gold Fish - recently refurbished and now a great place to enjoy cocktails in a funky environment

    The Bank Modelled on an old bank - cool surroundings to enjoy a drink

    Lotus Lounge Officially in Potts Point which is just a bit further down from Kings Cross, this small but hip bar does AWESOME cocktails.

    If you want to party on all night then these are some of the nightclubs worth considering but most of the bars above stay open VERY late!

  • Hugos Lounge
  • Kit and Kaboodle
  • Iguana
  • The Rouge

    This really is for the hardcore amongst you! It is another eclectic area with plenty of gay bars and pubs which literally stay open 24/7. Just head to up Oxford Street from the city to the first major junction and have a look around - it is always going off!


    Another suburb just outside the city, this is a great place for both bars and restaurants. You can enjoy a lively drink in one of its many watering holes on the main Crown Street. Try

  • The Dolphin
  • The Clock
  • The White Horse

  • Best Places to Go For A Drink For the Over 30's!

    Perhaps you are more adventurous than me but these days I don't want too much noise and I want to be able to enjoy the atmosphere and sit down!

    Below are some great places to enjoy some Sydney nightlife without feeling too old or past it!

  • Orbit Bar, Australia Square, George Street
  • A bar on the top floor of an office block that rotates. The drinks are a bit pricey but the views are well worth it

  • The Opera Bar -probably my favourite bar in Sydney. At the Opera House, an outside bar overlooking the Harbour Bridge. It can get loud and busy on a weekend but you can usually enjoy a glass of sparkling wine on the steps
  • Shangri La Hotel Bar Again this bar overlooks all of Sydney up high.
  • The Tilbury in Wooloomooloo. A great bar that does good food too.

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