Sydney Fireworks

"Sydney Fireworks - The Best New Years Eve show in the World!"

The firework display on New Years Eve in Sydney are known throughout the world as being particularly spectacular. Given Australia is one of the first countries in the world to welcome in the New Year, they are usually shown on TV in every country.

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Facts On The New Years Eve Fireworks in Sydney

Here are some interesting facts about the Sydney Fireworks

1) 1.5 million people along the Sydney Harbour Foreshore watch the fireworks making it the most viewed show in the world (e.g. London - 700,000; New York 1 million)

2) It is the largest and most technically advanced show on the planet

3) 12 computers digitally launch the fireworks

4) Nearly 1000 personnel are used on the night to make sure the fireworks run smoothly

5) It takes 15 months to design the firework show and bring it to fruition

6) There are 130 firing points on the Harbour bridge alone

7) A total of 4,500 kg of fireworks are used - 135,000 fireworks

8) Every Year there is a bridge icon erected onto the bridge. This symbolises something. In 2011 it was a hand. The theme was "Make Your Mark", reflecting on the decade gone and the lasting impressions left by our actions; as well as reflecting on ways in which all people can make their mark by contributing to a better future. It took 22 nights to attach it to the bridge properly.

9) 50 illuminated boats make a procession along the Harbour as a build up to the midnight fireworks.

10)There are two lots of fireworks - a family show at 9pm and then the midnight fireworks. The 9pm are still spectacular but are launched from the barges only. The ones at midnight are launched from the Harbour Bridge AND the barges.

Last Year's Firework Display

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