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"The Best Sydney Book - How To See The Best Of Sydney On a Shoestring!"

Wouldn't it be great to have a local guide to tell you where exactly to go in Sydney. Someone to show you how to avoid the pitfalls of being a tourist in an unknown city. Someone to show you how to see this amazing city without breaking the bank.

Well, I am your local guide. Sadly I can't take every single one of you on a guided tour personally, but I can do the next best thing. I can be in your pocket guiding you every step of the way.

I've written a Sydney book for you called "Sydney On A Shoestring" and the guide will show you how to spend 7 days in Sydney and see all the best sites, and still only spend $105 per day including accommodation.


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What's In This Sydney Book?

To my knowledge, this is the only downloadable ebook with real practical advice for surviving on a tight budget, from someone who actually lives here.

The Sydney on a Shoestring ebook has over 40 pages packed full of useful information:

  • Practical info on getting around the city and which transport tickets to buy

  • Information on Museum passes, combo passes and Sydney Passes to help you save money on attraction costs

  • Accommodation ideas including hostels, bargain hotels and some other interesting options to find a bed for the night

  • Ideas on finding cheap eats in both the city and surrounding suburbs

  • A 7 day itinerary guiding you around the best sites in Sydney, whilst surviving on a tight budget. The itinerary also includes options to "upgrade" your day and for just $30 extra per day you can do everything listed in my itinerary.

  • Maps and links to help you plan your trip

  • Budget planning - A guide to how much you might spend during your stay in Sydney

  • Who Should Get This Sydney Book?

    Anyone who is thrifty or on a tight budget should get this guide. Backpackers, pensioners and anyone in between will find this guide useful.

    It will give you some great ideas on what to do whilst you are in Sydney and tell you which attractions, if any are really worth the money.

    Even if you are only planning to be here for a few days, you can pick and choose from the 7 day itinerary.

    If you are not on a strict budget then you should go for my other Sydney ebook - The Real Australia Sydney Guide. You'll find more details here: Travel Guide Sydney

    How Is The Sydney Book Different From This Website?

    My website still has lots of information about Sydney, but nowhere is there a specific focus on getting value for money. There is also no easy to print itinerary - The information spans over several pages and you would still have to do some work in piecing the information together to create your own itinerary.

    Plus, the Sydney on a Shoestring has information not featured anywhere else on my site. For example, you'll find interesting new ways to find cheap accommodation, as well as attractions not featured on this website.

    The website does however have more information about a wide variety of attractions that you can still use to understand which ones you may like to visit - e.g. which museum you may enjoy most. It also contains other information, for example, on the weather, which is not covered in the guide. The website is a great place to start planning your trip.

    Why An Ebook?

  • An ebook means you can get it RIGHT NOW! - it's downloaded in just a couple of clicks and it makes it much cheaper for you than your average travel guide.
  • This means you can read it at home at your leisure or print off the sections you need.
  • You won't have to carry a large guide around with you either, which usually means you instantly look like a tourist. You can pick the itinerary for that day and just take those pages with you.
  • You can print multiple copies so everyone in your group can have a copy too.
  • It also means that it is updated regularly, so that if anything does change e.g. a restaurant closes, the guide gets updated.

  • How Do I Get The Sydney Book?

    Pay just $4.95 through paypal and the guide will be sent directly to you. Now that's not much more than buying a coffee these days. For that small sum, you will have all my expertise and knowledge in your pocket.

    Payment is via paypal which means all your personal information such as your credit card details are encrypted - just as if you are paying on amazon or ebay.

    Don't worry if you don't have a paypal account - it takes 2 minutes to set one up.

    Step by Step Guide:

    1. Click the "Buy Now" button below


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    2. Pay securely through Paypal.

    3. Right after you click "Pay Now," the screen will say "You are now being redirected to The Real Australia Sydney On A Shoe String" Wait the 5 seconds until you are redirected.

    4. If for any reason, you are not redirected, don't worry. Within a few minutes, you will receive 2 emails from me. One will have your invoice number and receipt. The other will contain a link to download the Guide, good for 5 attempts.

    5. If you have any problems after an hour or so then you can Contact Us

    For your information, the file is in Adobe PDF, and is over 2.0 MB in size, which should be fine for all computers.

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