Sydney Aquarium

"Sydney Aquarium - See Sharks up close and personal!"

If the sun just isn't shining or you fancy something a bit different, then Sydney Aquarium is THE place! Set right on Darling Harbour, it's the prefect place to spend a couple of hours admiring a total other world.....

Granted this is great fun for the kids but as long as you are young at heart, you'll find this an informative and colourful visit.

When to come to Sydney Aquarium?

This place is open all year round but I'd try to avoid weekends and school holidays wherever possible as this is when the aquarium is at its busiest.

Did you know that you can even come here on Christmas Day??? It is literally open every day of the year!. Usual opening hours are 9am-8pm. Entry after 7pm gives you access to the Sydney aquarium the following day until mid-day too.

If its just not avoidable to visit during the busy times then don't worry. The last time we went it was school holidays and on a really wet Sunday morning. Despite having to queue for about 10 minutes to get a ticket, the aquarium itself was manageable and we still got to see everything.

I'm not sure what it would be like on a very hot day. Part of the aquarium is under tent like areas which felt very warm even on an average temperature day. Might not be the best to be here on a 35 degree day!

You need at least 2-3 hours to do this justice so make sure you have enough time.

Which ticket should I buy?

The aquarium and other local attractions LOVE to trade you up and give you value for money! You can get a ticket that gives you entry into

  • The Sydney Aquarium
  • The Sydney Wildlife Centre (literally next door to the aquarium and full of Australian animals)
  • The Sydney Tower (centre of the city - it's that massive tower with a spike on the top - you can't miss it!! It's really just a viewing platform)
  • Ocean World Manly - it's not as good as the sydney one but if you happen to be in Manly and fancy looking at some more fish then why not!
  • If you want to combine seeing fish and also seeing Koalas, Kangaroos etc then getting the combined ticket is a no brainer - do it!

    The cost for single entry to the aquarium is about $35 for adults and $18 for kids. You can get the "combo" ticket above for an extra $15 for adults and an extra $12 for kids.

    Kids under 4 are free which is great.

    If you are local and your kids love it (or maybe you just love it!) then definitely consider getting an annual pass. The cost is $60 per adult and $40 per kid for unlimited access to all the above attractions. So , provided you intend to go at least twice, it's worth it. They give you a card with your photo on it. You never have to queue when you go, just swipe and go through the gate.

    What can I expect to see?

    The Sydney aquarium is rich in information, videos and of course thousands of fish.

    Some personal favourites include:

  • Plenty of tropical, brightly coloured fish
  • Lots of information on the river system, the great barrier reef, sharks etc
  • Penguins
  • Dugongs. - fairly rare and not something you would see in every aquarium
  • Platypus
  • But the best bit is probably the underwater walkway where the sharks, stingrays and huge turtles are right infront of you or above you - fantastic!
  • Any special Daily Activities?

    There are a few things that happen on a daily basis that are worth looking out for:

  • Shark feeding at 11am. They charge you an extra $15 if you want to do this
  • Dugong talk at 10.30am and 3.30pm
  • If you are in the Sydney Aquarium in the afternoon then the Penguin feeding is free and at 3pm daily

  • Why should I go to the Sydney Aquarium?

  • If you like fish - this is a must!
  • If you have a spare 2-3 hours and better still, it's raining, then go
  • If you want to see sharks up close and personal but in a safe way - this is the place!
  • If you are intrigued by Dugongs then you won't get many other opportunities to see these creatures

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