Snellings Beach, Kangaroo Island

"Snellings Beach - a hidden gem of Australian Beaches"

A friend recommended we visit Kangaroo Island Australia and we certainly weren't disappointed. Whilst it's more famous for its animals, the scenery is really quite amazing.

There are a few great little beaches on the island but this one certainly deserves some focus.

Getting To The Beach

Kangaroo Island is a small island underneath Adelaide. You can find out how best to get here on the Kangaroo Island Australia page.

Once on the island you need to head north west. Follow the coast line and you will be sure to find a stretch of bays and coves. Head towards Stokes Bay to find the beach.

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Why Come to This Beach?

This approach to this beach is lovely. You approach from a big hill called Constitution Hill, that takes you down to the beach. So, the view from up here is lovely. The light from the sun onto the water makes for a great picture.

The beach is perfect for swimming and there are BBQ facilities too so you can make a real day of it.

You should also visit a few of other beaches too. Stokes Bay is also nice and only round the corner from Snellings Beach. But you really should go Vivonne Bay. The water is bright aqua blue and there is a long jetty that you can walk along to take in the views. This is at the South End of the Island.

Top of Snellings Beach

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