Shell Beach

"Tiny White shells which look simply beautiful!"

Shell Beach is definitely worth a look! If you are planning a road trip along the west coast of Australia then enjoy a walk along this beach. You'll find it just between Denham and Carnarvan at Shark Bay. It's about 45km south of Denham. The tiny shells are so white its almost blinding on a blue sky day.

About Shell Beach

  • This beach is made up of millions of cockle shells.
  • It stretches over 100km in length
  • The reason for the abundance of shells is due to the high concentration of salt in this area. The key predator to these cockle shells just can't survive, allowing these cockles to survive.
  • Thousands of years have allowed the the debris from the sea floor to be washed up here on this beautiful beach
  • The shells on shell beach. go at least 7m in depth

  • About Shark Bay

    Shark Bay itself is a wonderful series of bays, islands and coastlines - it is worth exploring further.

    It is probably most famous for MONKEY MIA, where you can get up close and personal with dolphins.

    What's so fantastic is that it is a world heritage site which means the area is rich with wildlife and sea life

    It is home to the Dugongs, so if you are lucky you may see one here. Turtles are also seen in this area.

    You should also visit Francois Peron National Park which is on the tip of a peninsula and you get to see some amazing views. SkipJack Point is especially stunning and a great place to view some wildlife including Manta Rays.

    Don't forget either to visit the Stromatolites which are a natural forming phenomena. These are on the other side near Hamelin Pools

    Where to stay around Shell Beach

    The two closes places are Carnarvon and Denham. Monkey Mia is also near and has more to offer. Both Denham and Carnarvon are very small. I'd probably go for Carnarvon over Denham.

    For Denham/Monkey Mia, try:

    Heritage Shark Bay Resort The only real hotel in Denham. It gets mixed reviews but the staff seemed to have improved.

    Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort great if you want to be right in Monkey Mia but its a bit over priced for what you get.

    Oceanside Village VillasGreat views and clean. Air conditioning not fitted in the bedrooms which can make it a bit hot depending on what time of year you go.

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