Sharks in Australia

I hear there are sharks in Australia - is this true?

Has anyone been killed? Is it dangerous to swim in the water there?



So you've heard that Australia gets visited by sharks. You shouldn't be scared to get into the water!

Reality is that sharks attacks are VERY rare. That said, shark attacks are on the increase due to our waters being cleaner and a certain algae that now lives closer to our shore lines.

The majority of popular beaches are netted. It should tell you at the beach if this is the case. It's unlikely sharks will get through the nets - but it is possible!

There are a few beaches that I wouldn't swim in. Never swim in the sea at Fraser Island or in the majority of beaches in South Australia as these are popular spots for sharks

There are some key tips when swimming in the sea:

  • Don't go out too far

  • Never swim at dusk or dawn as this is their feeding times. Plus they like murky water

  • Don't swim when it is raining or when it has just rained

  • You should be more worried about getting caught in a rip where the current can take you out to see. Stay between the flags when swimming!

    Also be aware of stinger season - this is when stinger jelly fish hit our shores and it impacts north Queensland the most. You really don't want to get stung by one - it hurts. The cure is vinegar and you will find bottles of it at most beaches in tropical Queensland. Unfortunately the season tends to be right in the peak season - bummer! You can get special suits to protect you which look like wet suits.

    I hope this makes you feel better about Sharks in Australia

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