Seventy Five Mile Beach, Fraser island Australia

"seventy five mile beach is just plain remarkable!"

It's no secret that I love Fraser Island Australia - an island made totally of sand and a chance to get back to nature as you cruise along the beach in your 4 WD, camp under the stars right on the beach and maybe meet the dingoes.

90km long, it makes it Queensland's longest beach. It is the largest coastal sand accumulation in the world and you just have to go see it!

How to Get To The Beach

For full details on getting to Fraser Island, visit my page on Fraser Island Australia.

But essentially depending on where you land on Fraser Island will depend how you get here. The usual landing point near Kingfishers Resort, means you need to go through the small sandy pathways in the rainforest area before popping out onto the main long beach.

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Why Visit This Beach?

Coming to Fraser Island is a total experience. Driving down this long stretch of beach with your music playing in a 4 WD, a tent in the back, is a reminder of what freedom actually is.

The sand is fine white and there are designated camping areas along the beach with the sand dunes behind you.

Dingoes frequently pass you by and seem pretty tame (but don't be fooled!)

Learning when to stop your car and rest to avoid your car driving through salt water is also good fun!

If it all sounds too adventurous for you then there are heaps of organised day tours that include an overnight stay if you want to.

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