Scuba Diving Australia

"Dive the Best sites in Australia"

For scuba diving Australia has to be up there as one of the best locations in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef.


The Whitsundays

are the most popular for scuba diving Australia but there are also lots more great sites to explore.

Check out who compare all the diving trips available and cater for all budgets. There are also live on board options too.

I’d avoid the huge ferries that depart from Cairns and take you to a station in the middle of the ocean. I felt a bit rushed. A smaller boat with a few people might be better.

Whether you are a bit of a beginner or a total pro, there's plenty to choose from.

Below are in my opinion the best dive sites outside of the reef and Whitsundays.

Best Dive Sites

Here are some of the best dive sites outside of the Great Barrier Reef, more suitable for PADI approved divers wishing to do some : scuba diving australia

  • Osprey Reef and Shark Reef in the Coral Sea. East of the Great Barrier Reef. Access from Townsville, a 4 hour drive from Cairns. Live on board only.
  • Fish Rock Cave off South West Rocks in NSW - about 5 hours drive from Sydney
  • The Yongala Shipwreck - a 3 hour boat trip from Townsville or Airlie Beach, Whitsundays
  • Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. One of the best in the world particularly if you can get here between April and June whne you can dive with the largest fish - the Whale Shark. 1270km from Perth - 14 hour drive!
  • Navy Pier - Exmouth, Western Australia. Near Ningaloo Reef
  • Ball's Pyramid, Lord Howe Island. You need to fly into this island. It is 600km NE of Sydney

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