Restaurants in Sydney Australia

"Probably The Best Food You've Ever Tasted!"

One thing I love about Oz, is its food. Restaurants in Sydney Australia will not disappoint! The food is always fresh. From a city that prides itself on being so multi-cultural, it's no surprise that the Sydney Restaurants have a large range of cuisines.

Not only that, there is a huge range of prices. If you want a romantic and special evening where you don't mind paying top dollar, Sydney has some of the best restaurants IN THE WORLD

If you want cheap and cheerful, there are plenty of places that allow you to BYO (Bring your own) wine, which really does bring down the price.

Below are my favourites. Feel free to Contact Us. with your favourite so it can be shared with other readers!

For Something Special

  • The Summit Restaurant, Australia SquareLevel 47, Australia Square, 264 George Street, +61 2 9247 9777

    This is one of the best restaurants in Sydney Australia beacuse it revolves and has the best views for of Sydney Prices are from $25 for a main course

  • Ottos 6 Cowper Warf, Wooloomooloo +61 2 9368 7488

    This is in Wooloomooloo which is a warf overlooking the domain and city skyline. It is also where Russell Crowe lives. Prices are from $25 for a main course

  • Cafe Sydney Level 5, Customs House, Alfred Street, Circular Quay +61 2 9251 8683

    This is probably my favourite place to take visitors. It has great food and a perfect view of the opera house and Harbour bridge.

    Prices are from $22 for a maincourse

  • Tetsuyas 529 Kent Street, Sydney Australia +61 9267 2900

    This is Sydney's most prestigious and expensive restaurant. You will need to book at least 6 months in advance!! Belive it or not, it's BYO although corkage is $20.

    It's my most memorable eating experience and one you should try and to when you travel Sydney Australia. Totally amazing food which is a cross between Japanese and modern Australian.

  • Good But A Bit Cheaper

  • Chinta Ria, Darling Harbour The Terrace, Cockle Bay Wharf, 121 Sussex Street +61 2 9264 3211

    Whilst it doesn't have some of the best views of Darling Harbour, the food is good and so is the atmosphere. Main courses $16-$24

  • Bavarian Bier Cafe, York Street 24 York Street, +61 2 9251 8683

    Great if you like your beer and a good portion of food. Main meals from $18

  • Best BYO (BRING YOUR OWN WINE) Restaurants in Sydney Australia

    You will have to venture a bit out of the city to one of the suburbs to find good BYO restaurants in Sydney Australia. To be honest, the best local restaurants are out of the city and are well worth the additional journey.

    A trip to Darlinghurst or Surry Hills for a meal should be on your list of things to do. Crown Street in Surry Hills (approx 10 mins out of the city)has heaps of restaurants and pubs to choose from. Quite frankly, you can't go wrong but I have included my favourites below.

    From Darlinghurst you can take a stroll down the main road in Kings Cross (Sydney's red light district and best area for nightclubs and cool bars)

    Don't be put off in thinking it's too rough to venture there. It's worth a quick stroll to see the sites. Just don't go there after 10pm unless you are young, hip and trendy or want some red light action!

  • Phamish, Darlinghurst 50 Burton Street, Darlinghurst (where Burton and Liverpool intersect) +61 2 9357 2688

    A fantastic Vietnamese Restaurant. It's furniture is pretty basic but the food is cheap and very good. You can't book so get there early to avoid disappointment

  • Bills, Darlinghurst 433 Liverpool Street =61 2 9360 9631

    Bill Granger is the UK's equivalent of Jamie Oliver. If that still doesn't mean anything to you...he is an Australian chef.

    He has 3 restaurants and he they are rated as some of the best restaurants in Sydney Australia. But I think his original in Darlinghurst is the best. Also consider coming here for breakfast. His scrambled eggs are world famous.

  • Napalese Kitchen 481 Crown Street, Surry Hills +61 2 9319 4264

    A small restaurant so book ahead. Great cheap food - plenty of meat and curries on the menu (I can recommend the banquet)

  • Wasavie, 5 ways, Paddington8 Heeley Street, Paddington +61 2 9380 8838

    A great Japanese restaurant serving fresh sushi rolls and proper main courses. Frequented by the trendy set of Sydney, get here early to ensure you get a spot.

  • Other "Suburb" Restaurants in Sydney Australia

  • Hurricanes, Bondi Beach, 130 Roscoe Street, Bondi, +61 2 9130 7101

    Arguably the best steak in Sydney, this place gets packed so worth booking. It can get very noisy though. Probably not the place for a romantic dinner for two.

  • Red Lantern, Surry Hills 545 Crown Street, Surry Hills +61 2 9698 43555

    Another Vietnamese Restaurant. Fantastic food and good atmosphere. $18-$25 for a main course

  • Pizze e Birre, Surry Hills 500 Crown Street, Surry Hills +61 2 9332 2510

    Great pizzas, pasta and much more. Another of the great restaurants in sydney australia.

  • Swell on Bronte Beach - great in the day for brunch or lunch. You can also eat hear in the evenings but come early when it's still light so you can admire the view

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