Queen Victoria Market

"Experience all the Pleasures and sights of this Large and Vibrant Queen Victoria Market "

This is certainly a Melbourne institution and every visit to Melbourne should include a visit to the queen victoria market. You can expect to see an array of fresh produce - fruit and vegetables, meat and more. I'd say over 50% of the market is fresh produce and this is what the market is most famous for. The colours, characters of the store holders are certainly worth a visit even if you don't need any provisions.

History and Opening Times

The market has been present in Melbourne for over 130 years and the buildings that house the market have been listed as an important building by Heritage Victoria.

The Market is located on the corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Streets in the Melbourne CBD and is easily accessed by foot, car, train, tram or bus.

Opening times are:

  • Tuesday 6am til 2pm
  • Thursday 6am til 2pm
  • Friday 6am til 5pm
  • Saturday 6am til 4pm
  • Sunday 9am til 4pm
  • Sunday is probably the best day to go in terms of seeing a selection of general merchandise rather than just produce.

    What to Expect From Queen Victoria Market

    What I love about this market is its sheer size. There is plenty to look at and the general banter of the store holders is interesting to see and hear. They compete against each other in a fun way!

    The colours are lovely and a great place to get some arty photography shots if you are into that sort of thing.

    Sunday has a totally different feel - more family orientated and a wider choice of goods outside of produce. This is personally my favourite day to visit but the other days are still worth going to.

    Make sure you get there early though - they start packing up at about 1.30pm ish. It's certainly a morning thing for the Tuesday and Thursday days.

    There are usually plenty of events throughout the summer months - usually every second weekend there is something special happening - organic market, spanish focus and food festivals.

    You can also take a guided tour of the market - most days between 10am and mid-day. You need to book though. It costs about $35 per person and you get a coffee and enviro shopping bag thrown in. Quite interesting and focuses on the produce side of things so its good if you are a foody.

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