Picnic Rocks

"Picnic Rocks - A Photographer's dream!"

You'll never forget the beautiful granite rocks at this beach. The red tinge makes for some awesome pictures as the contrast with the blue water and pure white quartz sand, is simply awesome.

How To Get To The Beach

This beach is in Mount William National Park in Tasmania. This is just North of the Bay of Fires and you should head to Eddystone or Deep Creek to find this beach.

A gravel road runs behind the beaches leading to Deep Creek. Here you'll find a camping ground and great picnic area.

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Why Come to This Beach?

This area is beautiful and a great place to photograph if you fancy yourself as a bit of a whizz with a camera.

Come enjoy a picnic here or explore the rocks. You can swim in the clear waters or just relax on the pristine white sand.

It is also a good place to come fishing

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