Phillip Island Australia

"Get up Close and Personal to your favourite Animals!"

Phillip Island Australia is a great place to visit! You come here for the wildlife and beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, in my opinion, parts of it have become a little too touristy. There's now everything from ten pin bowling, helicopter rides to crazy golf, so it has lost its edge for me. But even saying all of that, I think it's still worth a visit - especially if you have kids!

Where Is Phillip Island Australia?

It is approximately 140km East of Melbourne. It's another great stop off along your Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip or longer East Coast Australia road trip.

The island itself is 24km by 9km. The best way to get here is by car. It's well signposted off the main Monash Freeway (M420 is the exit) and then there is a bridge that takes you straight onto the island.

You can get day tours from Melbourne of course.

It's not actually too far from the Mornington Peninsula and therefore the Great Ocean Drive. So you could incorporate a day trip to Phillip Island Australia as part of this trip if you so wished.

If you are on the Mornington Peninsula, you can actually get a passenger ferry across and they run ferries to coincide with the Penguin Parade too.

What Are The Best Things To Do on Phillip Island Australia?

This is a great place to experience some up close and personal time with Penguins Koalas and Pelicans And on top of all that, you get to see some lovely sandy beaches with a rugged coastline. You can go further and enjoy a guided tour of the Grand Prix site, or visit the island's chocolate factory, but for me, it's all about the scenery and the animals

Meet the Penguins The Phillip Island nature Park is where you get to see most of the animals. The reason this is so great is that they are all in their natural habitat - this is not a zoo. So, you have to patiently wait until sunset and then you get to see these very cute penguins waddle out of the water and up the beach to the safety of their sand dunes. You'll find more information here on the Cowes Penguin Parade I'd recommend buying your tickets in advance as in the summer there can be queues.

Koala Conservation Centre (near Cowes) This gives you the chance to see Koalas in their natural habitat. You get to walk along boardwalks which are at the same levels as the tall trees so you get excellent viewing potential. It's seeing these lovely creatures in the wild. The above experience is very different to the Maru Koala and Animal Park. Here, it's more like a small zoo with a chance to hand feed kangaroos and have your photo taken with a Koala. The Maru Animal Park encourages patting of Koalas . It depends how close you want to get to those Koalas.

Pelicans (San Remo) The San Remo Fishing Port is a good place to see the Pelicans. They feed them every day at about 11.30am and give an interesting talk about the pelicans. It's free, although you are asked to make a donation at the end!

The chocolate factory was fun too and a great way to spend an hour or so, especially if you have kids.

If Motor sports is more your thing, then you can head to the famous Grand Prix site. There is usually something going on that you can watch and there is a museum and shop to browse around. You can also see glimpses of the beautiful scenery and coastline.

These are the best things to do, in my opinion, on Phillip Island but even just stopping in a couple of the villages within the island is really good too. Newhaven is great if you fancy a bit of fishing. Rhyll has a nice beach for you to stroll along.

For more of an atmosphere and somewhere to eat/drink, head to Cowes. That said, Cowes is really the touristy hub so avoid this area if you want a more authentic scenic stay on the island

Certainly one of the Australian Islands worth visiting.

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