Perth Holidays

Kings Park In Perth

Kings Park In Perth

I am looking for Perth Holidays.

I will be traveling to Perth Australia in December. I’ll be coming with my partner and we would love to see some beautiful places including beaches. We like sightseeing and enjoy nice food. We will be there for 5 days.

Could you please suggest where we should go?


5 days around Perth would be the perfect time to spend exploring the Margaret River region making for awesome Perth Holidays. It's a 3 hour drive from Perth and takes in some lovely beaches and amazing wineries. This means you can enjoy long lunches at the wineries and then spend the afternoon at the beach relaxing.

If you want to do more stuff over that 5 day period then you could do more of a road trip taking in Margaret River and Albany and then travel back up to Perth. It just depends on whether you like driving as this is a fair amount of driving but over 5 days, it's manageable. If you can do more I would really recommend going even further and taking in Esperance. It's one of my favourite and most beautiful places I've ever visited. The coast line and beaches are just stunning. It's about a 9 hour drive back to Perth from here though.

Another option is to do a few day trips from Perth.

You could go up to Namburg National Park and visited the Pinnacles near Cervantes - this is a rock formation that is amazing. This would be a day trip

You could also do a day trip to Swan Valley - you can take a cruise along the river but you should explore the 32km food and wine trail through Swan Valley to see some great restaurants and wineries. You also pass through some lovely villages selling antiques and there are lots of lovely gift shops - try Guildford as an example

Another good day trip from Perth is to get a ferry over to Rottnest Island. You can cycle around this lovely island, go for a swim and see the wildlife.

You could then go to Margaret River for a couple of days - it just depends whether you think a 3 hour drive each way makes it worth it.

Hope this helps and inspires you for Perth Holidays

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