Oprah Australia

"She had a wonderful time and so could you!"

Oprah Australia - at the end of 2010 Oprah and her chosen Chicago audience of 300 people got to experience a trip of a life time - an amazing trip to the other side of the world - Australia!

Whilst here she filmed a few episodes treating the audience to pearl necklaces and much more. Some lucky Australians got to attend too and the buzz in Australia at the time was immense.

Did you see the shows? Hugh Jackman , The Kidmans, Russel Crowe, Olivia Newtown John and Bon Jovi were some of the guests who dropped in.

So where can you go to experience the same trip of a life time?

Oprah Australia - Where Did She Go?


She filmed most of her shows at the steps of the Sydney Opera House and attracted a huge number of Sydney siders who tried to catch a glimpse of the show.

Her audience were treated to a cocktail party in the Botanical Gardens behind the Opera House in the Domain. You can recreate this by having a picnic in the grounds. Or you can use the restaurant facilities here too.

They also got to do the Bridgeclimb. In fact, it was the largest group ever to do the bridge climb at one time - 250 people.

The Great Barrier Reef

The audience were split up and sent to different locations. Oprah went to the Great Barrier Reef Australia for her first trip and loved it.

This is a great place to visit to discover a whole new world. Stay in Port Douglas to have the ultimate Oprah Australia experience

Hamilton Island Australia

This is a beautiful island in the heart of the amazing Whitsundays Australia Islands.

Hamilton Island Australia is probably one of the bigger islands and as such has something to offer everyone - from couples to families, there is literary accommodation and experiences to please all.

The snorkelling is quite simply amazing, the beaches are whiter than white and the water is that wonderful clear turquoise.

You will also see Oprah cuddling Koala's in Hamilton Island Australia There is a Koala sanctuary here and given it is in Queensland, you get to hold Koala Bears and have your photo taken with one.


A different experience to Sydney, a visit to Melbourne Australia is a must. Oprah did a meet and greet at Federation Square where thousands of fans were pleased to catch a glimpse of her.

She also surprised one Australian fan by turning up at her house in Toorak for a Taco night whilst she celebrated her birthday.

It was rumoured that Oprah and her team would visit Phillip Island Australia This is a great day trip to see the lovely penguins.

Ayers Rock Australia

An Aussie icon and certainly something to replicate from the Oprah Australia trip. The Red Centre and Ayers Rock Australia offers a piece a piece of aboriginal history. It is a very spiritual place if not a little hot!


Although this is the smallest state of Australia, its wonders are many. In fact, it probably offers the best scenery across Australia

Oprah's guests got to experience the wonders of this great place - from visiting Port Arthur, to quad biking, winery trips and the breathtaking views from Wine Glass Bay, as well as river cruises.

You really can do it all here. Find out more about Tasmania Australia

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