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"Only in Australia - My picks of some of the most unique experiences around!"

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference and a few things to tick off your bucket list, then these 10 unique Australian experiences are sure to make the cut.

10 Only In Australia Experiences

1) Swim With Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef

Come to Exmouth in Western Australia between the months of April and July to swim next to these amazing creatures. They are absolutely huge (they can be up to 12 metres in length!!) but you'll be pleased to know that they only eat plankton (no meat!)

The experience is out of this world but will cost you a fair bit to do (at least $350 AUD) - it is well worth it though.

See Ningaloo Reef for more information about this area.

2) Experience a Cattle Station or Cattle Drive in the Outback

This has to be one of the best ways to experience the Australian landscape. You don't have to have any previous experience to join a Cattle drive. Here you get to ride a horse and help the drovers move the cattle from one place to another. It can take up to 2 weeks of horseback riding followed by campfires in the beautiful outback. Go to Australian Cattle Drive for more information

If that all sounds too full on, then simply visit a cattle station in the Outback and spend some time here. There is usually a range of accommodation on offer from the very simple (camping) to the more luxurious. El Questro for example is one such place to try.

3) Dive or Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef

This has to be one of the top tourist attractions in Australia and so it should be. This is the biggest reef system in the world so you can expect to see some amazing sites - Dugongs, turtles, tropical fish and beautiful coral.

For more information go to Great Barrier Reef Australia

4) Live Underground at Coober Pedy

In the middle of Australia, this place is the Opal Capital of the World and is also hot hot hot! So hot that the locals have built their houses, pubs and hotels underground.

This is a really strange "Only in Australia" experience! I advise you to avoid the intense summer months and come between April and October and live underground for a few days.

5) Celebrate New Years Eve on Sydney's Harbour

You've no doubt seen the amazing fireworks on the TV, given Sydney is one of the first countries in the world to welcome in the New Year. But you haven't experienced anything until you've seen it up close and personal. My advice - splash the cash and see it on a boat, giving you uninterutped views of the Harbour Bridge - When that thing explodes with fireworks, it will take your breath away.

New Years Eve Sydney

6) Experience the Oldest Culture in The World

It is said that Aborigines date back over 60,000 years, making it the oldest culture in the world. Whilst there are pockets around Australia where you can experience Aboriginal Australia the best place to see it, is Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

This area is totally unspoiled, with beautiful wilderness and authentic Aboriginal values and traditions still adhered to. You'll need a permit to get in here and the driving is hard work. Best to take a tour if you are not feeling that adventurous!

7) See Unique Australian Animals in the Wild

Whilst its pretty easy to spot a Kangaroo whilst you are here (although they are not hopping round our cities you know!) it is quite another thing to see an abundance of native animals in their own habitat.

Kangaroo Island Australia offers all of this and more. Not far from Adelaide, this island has platypus, wallabies, possums, kangaroos and even koalas roaming around. This is an only in Australia Must Do!

8)Visit Ayers Rock

This really is an immensely spiritual experience and the incredible size of the infamous rock will be sure to impress you.

You can take the guided base walk tour that leaves at 10am every day from the Mala carpark. Or, if you can, take a hot air balloon ride over Ayers Rock at dawn. Yes, it's an early start but well worth it!

See Ayers Rock Australia for more details

9)Walk on the Whitest Sand in the World at Jervis Bay

This award winning beach is a "Only in Australia" experience. The Guinness Book of Records has officially recorded Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay (situated between Sydney and Melbourne) as having the whitest sand in the world.

It's probably my favourite of all the Australian Beaches because it really is like being in paradise.

Most definitely worth a stop off on your East Coast Australia Road Trip

10) See a Performance in the Sydney Opera House

The outside of this iconic building is visited frequently by tourists but few manage to get to an actual performance here. You really should experience a concert or opera here (preferably something in the impressive concert hall) to truly appreciate this wonderful building

See Sydney Australia Opera House

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