Nora Creina

"Nora Creina - A Sublime Perfect Beach in South Australia"

Another hidden gem of a beach that will blow you away with its beauty. This Australian beach is sheltered from the ocean waves by reefs and islets which makes for a perfectly flat sea and flat sand.

The Bay is an almost perfectly circular bay too.

Where Is This Beach?

About 20km from Robe (which is about 350km south of Adelaide) this is a very small township with nothing else going on but its beach!

Getting to the beach is via a sandy track that passes the beach shacks before hitting the beach.

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Why Visit This Beach?

If you are planning a trip to the great ocean drive and plan to drive on to Adelaide, then it's worth stopping off at this beach for a stroll or a swim. It's not amazing enough to come here just for the beach!

There is a small settlement here of about 60 beach shacks. The beach itself is not patrolled, but given it's so flat, it is a really safe place to swim. It certainly attracts the locals and the odd traveller during the summer, especially as this is one of the safest beaches for swimmers around the Robe area.

There is also not much else going on here other than the beach although Robe, which is so close has more going on.

The beach also has some little fishing boats at one end.

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