New Parliament House

"New Parliament House - Enjoy the Views and See where the politicians run the country!"

This has to be another must do item on your Canberra agenda. Probably the most iconic building in Canberra. The views from here are just amazing. The precision of the planning for this town really hits home when you see this view.

But don't stop there! Make sure you take the time to do one of the guided tours or better still, go when parliament are sitting. You get to see all the action for real.

Read below how to make the most of your visit to the new Parliament House.

Getting to New Parliament House, Opening Hours, Costs

It's hard to get lost getting to new Parliament house given its the building that you can see pretty much all over Canberra with its Australian flag flying proudly.

It is located on Capital Hill with most of the roads in Canberra leading directly to this point. It is well signposted.

There is an underground carpark which has a good number of spaces so car is a good option

It is still a bit of a walk though from the city - over 30 minutes.

Parliament House is open every day except Christmas Day from 9am to 5pm

On the days that Parliament is sitting (ie ministers are in parliament) then it is open from 8.30am. Should they be sitting in the evenings, it's open then (but this is rare)

There's pretty much something going on every day except Saturday and Sundays.

Time your visit in line with an organised tour - really don't miss this as they are so informative.

The guided tours are Free and are at 10:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm, seven days a week. During non-sitting periods Public tours last about 45 minutes but if they are sitting, the tours are only about 30 minutes.

So the good news is that this is a free attraction. You can organise private tours for a small fee if you want to do a tour by yourself. You'd need to arrange this before you go.

What To Expect From Parliament House

Expect the tours to be really informative - you'll learn a lot about the history, special objects, interesting artwork, the design of the building and of course the democratic process.

If parliament is sitting then go in - there is a public gallery with over 300 seats. So unless there is something really special going on, there are seats available for you to go and watch the session.

One of the best times to go is about 2pm when Question Time is usually on - this is good fun watching the parties battle it out and think on their feet.

If this is something you really want to do, you can book ahead to make sure there is a seat available. But you'd have to be pretty unlucky to just turn up and not get a seat.

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