National Wine Centre of Australia

"National Wine Centre of Australia - Come appreciate the world of wine!"

Not only is this building an architect's dream, there is a mind of information here for you to discover about Australian wine.

The centre itself has many facets. As a local you can take a wine appreciation course here. In fact the facilitators and educators at this centre have a great reputation.

But for the visitor there is a great exhibition on wine and a cafe where you can enjoy a taste of some of the wines.

They also have banquet facilities here too which is great for larger groups.

What to Discover At the National Wine Centre of Australia

The centre is open 9-5 during the week and 10-5 at the weekend and public holidays.

The exhibition is free of charge and allows you to discover the history of wine and in particular Australian wine.

Then you go on a journey to understand the role wine has played in history as well as the process of winemaking through the ages.

There is also a good section on the importance of wine with food.

Once you have been educated in the world of wine, you'll be ready to test out your new understanding in the cafe.

Here you get to choose from a variety of wines and try them. There is a charge for the wines of course but it is well worth it. The types of wines change regularly so there is always plenty to try if you fancy coming back

There is also some light refreshments on offer in the way of platters that you can enjoy with the wines.

I really enjoyed visiting this centre and the knowledge I gained has made wine choosing and wine appreciation so much more fun.

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