National Museum Of Australia

"national museum of australia - Come find out about our people, our history and see some great aboriginal art!"

This is a great museum to find out more about Australia's history, hear interesting stories from Australians and find out about the Aboriginals who first lived on the land. That said, there are some real mixed views about this place - you either love it or hate it.

It certainly feels very modern and has some interesting objects but does it really depict Australia?

Is it trying to do too much? Some leave feeling... what was that all about! If you love aboriginal art and want to experience some interesting historical stories, view interesting objects, then this is a good museum for you.

It's not a bad place for the kids either - there's some interactive areas that they will enjoy.

The National Museum of Australia has some great permanent exhibitions as well as temporary ones that change regularly. It means there is always something different to see when you go.

But if I only had limited time in Canberra, it probably wouldn't be top of my list - War Memorial and visiting Parliament house would be!

See below for some of my recommendations on where to spend you time.

Getting To The Museum, Opening Times And Costs

You'll find the National Museum of Australia on Acton Peninsula which is just off the main Parkes Way in Canberra

I'd suggest hiring a car to get around Canberra as the museums are fairly spread out. There is however a

It's open every day between 9am and 5pm but closes for Christmas Day.

Admission is free but they may charge for visiting exhibitions, depending on what it is.

What To See And Do At This Museum

  • The first thing you'll notice is the sculpture outside the entrance that looks like a roller coaster loop. The loop continues on and then stops when it gets to a direct line to Ayers Rock at Uluru - supposedly anyway!
  • The Australian Garden of dreams is another interesting visual treat which has the word "home" in hundreds of different languages. There is a large map that you get to stand on and as you move from square to square you are moving in 100km increments each time.
  • Circa Theatre - a good video about the nation people and land and then a collection of photographs but probably needs a few more description to go with the pictures to bring some meaning to this area in my view!
  • The Aboriginal Gallery - some great art to explore in this section
  • Stories from 50 Australians - I thought this was fairly interesting and liked Rolf Harris being featured in here with his "board!!"
  • If you've got kids then head to the interactive Kspace

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