National Folk Festival Canberra

"The National Folk Festival Canberra - Come Join the Party!"

This is a well known event that attracts Aussies and even Internationals every year. The Exhibition Park is transformed into a magical area of tents, music and dancing. You can learn new skills or just come and enjoy the incredible atmosphere.

Don't leave the kids at home -there is plenty to keep the kids entertained and even the teenagers may enjoy themselves!

What To Expect From The National Folk Festival Canberra

You can certainly expect lots of fun in this relaxed village atmosphere.

There are over 20 different venues inside the Exhibition Park and each offers something different:-

  • Plenty of dancing - you can just join in or take lessons. There are even actual balls that you can attend in the evening
  • Music - From around the world. Come listen or learn a new instrument or perfect your singing. There are concert stages with some fantastic bands and singers
  • Poetry and story telling - Come listen to some interesting tales or profound poetry
  • Look round the 50 plus craft stores and buy something Australian or from around the world
  • Enjoy food and drink at the restaurants or bars - a couple of each are available
  • Let the the kids have fun in their own area with a list of great entertainers
  • Meet new friends - this place is ultra friendly with a festival/village feel

  • Costs For The National Folk Festival Canberra

    You need to get in early to get the cheap tickets which are released in the October and then another lot gets released in December at a slightly higher price.

    Standard tickets (gate price) is about $300 for the entire 5 days. If you want to camp you'll need to pay another $100. Expect to pay double if you want to just turn up and stay in one of the hired tents that are available.

    If you want to just come for one day including the evening then expect to pay about $100.

    Or you can come for an evening only to one of concerts for about $70.

    Concession and kids prices are of course cheaper than the above and they are actively encouraging families by ensuring plenty of kids places.

    Food and drink is on top of this but you can bring your own.

    Another way of keeping the costs down is to volunteer to help out at one of the restaurants or bars, check in acts, there really is a whole heap of things you can do.

    The benefit is that if you work 20 hours you get free admission to the festival and free camping for the entire time.

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