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I'm not a huge fan of Motels as I find they tend to be over priced - which means you can usually get a bargain on a hotel which is cheaper, or the motels are so run down that it's a horrible experience

The details below are aimed to help you make a decision on which motel in canberra to stay at should you be struggling to find a bargain on hotels in canberra.

Best Motels in Canberra

  • Best Western Tall Trees Motel Canberra in Ainslie - This is in a small quiet suburb just outside Canberra so you'd need a car to get to all the Canberra attractions. It's fairly pricey for a motel (around $160) so I'd try first to find a bargain on a hotel -maybe the Novotel Hotel Canberra But if you end up here, it's not the end of the world! They have recently renovated a section of the hotel. To be honest, the rooms are pretty small in the new section so you might be best to stick to the old rooms which are nearer reception.

    You can walk from here to a small strip of shops and cafes (about 15 mins walk) which is a good option for breakfast or dinner.

    Embassy Motel Canberra - This is a short car journey away from Capital Hill area so is a relatively good location. It's cheap (around $100) but you get what you pay for. It's basic, old furniture, basic but functioning bathrooms and the beds are fairly comfortable. Walls are pretty thin! There's plenty of nice suburbs nearby (eg Kingston) where you can get nice food and breakfast. An option if you intend to spend very little time in your room.

    Best Western Motel Monaro - A good location, in Kingston which is a lovely surburb with nice cafes and restaurants. But again, it's over priced and you'd probably be best to get a bargain hotel. It has been renovated recently but walls are very thin so it makes for a noisy stay.

    Best Western Sundown Motel Resort - This is a good option if you have kids as they offer self catering and two bedroom suites. That said, the self catering is not that great -no microwave etc, it's very basic. Its situated a fair way out of town though so you'd definitely need a car to get into Canberra. It's about 15 minute drive from Kingston and Capital Hill though to give you some idea of how far out you are.

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