Monkey Mia

"The place to see Dolphins in Australia!"

Monkey Mia is quite possibly the most well known spot in Western Australia, second only to Perth. Why? Because its the place to come to see dolphins in Australia. The dolphins literally come right up to the shore line. Is it worth it? If you are planning a Western Australia Travel Road Trip then this is a great place to stop off. As you may expect though, it is heavily commercialised and very touristy. Provided you appreciate this fact before you visit here, you won't be too disappointed.

Getting To Monkey Mia And When To Come

It's at least a 10 hour car journey from Perth and about a 4 hour journey from Geraldton. I'd consider taking a road trip from Perth to Exmouth over a couple of weeks and enjoy the travel rather than just coming here for the dolphins.

You can actually fly here from Perth if you don't want to do a road trip. Skywest airlines will get you there for approximately $200 one way.

Given this is a beach destination, you are best to visit during the summer months and the shoulder season (any time from October through to the end of February) You can certainly visit outside of these months but I'd expect it to be too cold for swimming and really being able to appreciate the lovely beaches around here and shark bay.

The Dolphin Experience

The appeal of Monkey Mia is that it's the only place in Australia where dolphins visit daily. (There have been only 4 times when they have not shown up in the last 40 years, so they tell me)

If you head down to the aptly named dolphin beach in the morning (between 8am and 1pm,) The Department of Environment and Conservation staff are there to supervise the activities.

You can't touch the dolphins and they select people from the crowd to help feed them. If it rains, they don't feed them. The commentary is very knowledgeable and it's a great way to find out more about these intelligent creatures.

For more information on dolphins, click here for Dolphin Facts.

What Else Can You Do?

As you would expect in this tourist hub, they have thought of plenty for you to do whilst you are here seeing the dolphins! Here are just a few of the activities that you can arrange when you get here:

  • There are plenty of Pelicans to admire here and are great to sit and watch them.
  • Boat Trips - to see more dolphins or just to admire the views. The shotover Catamaran is worth doing as you get to see dolphins playing in the wake, turtles (we saw a baby and its mother, and dungongs)
  • Water Sports - From snorkelling to kayaking and sailing, there is something to keep everyone happy providing its warm enough
  • Camel Rides - along Monkey Mia Beach happen daily
  • Visit the Monkey Mia Visitor Centre - another way to get to know the marine life of the area including dolphins and dungongs.
  • Visit the surrounding area and explore Shark Bay - check out the National Park called Francois Peron for some beautiful views, or the small town of Denham and some of the beaches including Shell Beach

  • Where To Stay

    There is one main resort here called Monkey Mia Resort that does have everything - cafes, restaurants, swimming pools, internet access and a wide variety of accommodation. There's cabins, villas, a backpacker area and a campsite.

    It's certainly convenient and a good location but is a little over priced.

    There are a few other options in Denham (20km away). Visit my page on Shell Beach for more choices.

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