Monarto Zoo

"See animals in lots of space at Monarto Zoo"

This zoo is about 60 minutes outside of Adelaide and the lovely thing about this zoo is the natural habitat that you will find the animals in.

It can make getting around the zoo a little tricky as they are all very spread out. There are buses to move visitors between the animals.

For this reason I would recommend getting here early so that you are not waiting for buses. Plan your trip too so you can feed the giraffes and attend a couple of the keeper talks.

Getting To Monarto Zoo

It's best to have a car to get to this zoo. You need to take the South Eastern Freeway onto Princes Highway. It's well signposted so it is easy to find. It should take you about an hour to get here from the centre of Adelaide.

If you wanted to get a bus here then the best bus service is Link SA who usually do frequent coach trips here.

How Much Will It Cost and Opening Times

Ticket prices are exactly the same as Adelaide Zoo .

Family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 kids aged 4-14) is approx $85

Double passes to both zoos are also available which is good value if you intend to go to both.

Otherwise adult cost is approx $32 and children cost approx $18. (4-14)

Opening times are 9:30 to 5:00pm every day. But as I said before, get here early otherwise you will be disappointed - you just won't get round the park.

If the weather gets really hot (over 40 degrees) they will close the park.

What Animals Will You See?

This is a bit more like a safari as you will be moved about in buses to the viewing platforms to see the animals.

The main attractions are rhinos, lions, giraffes, wild horses and antelope.

There is certainly far fewer animals here than at Adelaide Zoo but the natural habitat does make up for this.

We got here early but still didn't get round the entire park. Highlights were listening to some of the keeper talks, particularly the giraffe feeding and Rhino talk. You get up close and personal and we even gave the rhino a stroke!

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