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"Come visit the Migration Museum in Adelaide and here some amazing stories!"

If you fancy learning a bit more about your ancestors or just want to hear some interesting stories of people who have been brave enough to start a new life, then this museum could be the one for you.

You'll hear people's life stories from all around the world, of people who have decided to start a new life in South Australia.

What You Will Discover At The Museum?

You'll find the Museum on Kintore Avenue which is just behind the State Library (North Terrace)

Opening times are good during the week (10-5) but on weekends the museum is only open 1pm to 5pm.

Entry is free but they do prefer a "gold coin" donation ($1 or $2)

The building itself has a story to tell and is another example of old Adelaide. Unfortunately the story is not such a happy one. It was actually used to house the Destitute. The Centre ran from the 1850's to 1918.

The museum highlights a variety of stories from women and children who lived here - some even died here.

The main stories in the centre though focus on the Migrants themselves. You'll learn about why they gave up their homeland, how terrible some of their journeys over to South Australia were and their first impressions of arriving here and of course their hopes and dreams for a new life.

The exhibitions are done well with recreations of early settlement homes for example.

The museum shows the importance of diversity of people and brings immigration right up the current day.

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