Melbourne Zoo

"Melbourne Zoo - a great day out!"

The Zoo in Melbourne is actually the oldest in Australia but don't worry! - It has evolved over the years! There are plenty of great animals to see - both native to Australia and world animals such as bears, tigers and elephants.

This is a great zoo to visit. It is a Zoo Based Conservation Organization & now is the world's first Certified Carbon Neutral Zoo. Melbourne Zoo is a world leader in many areas. Personally I still prefer Taronga Zoo in Sydney and probably wouldn't visit both as part of a trip to Australia, but that's a personal choice. I think it's because I love the views at Taronga.

How To Get To Melbourne Zoo

The zoo is just outside the main city in the Royal Park. It's too far to walk so you would have to take either the train or the tram.

The address is

Elliott Avenue Parkville 3052

Take the train from Flinders Station on the Upfield line to the Royal Park Station

or take the no. 55 tram to Melbourne Zoo.

What are the Must See Animals


The Sumatran tigers are great. In Feb 2010, 4 little cubs were born and these have recently been allowed out into the enclosure. The only thing is that they tend to be a little sleepy during the day. never the less, these are amazing creatures and you can spend a good amount of time just looking at them.


These Asian elephants are lovely. They also have some baby elephants but I have to say, I couldn't believe the queue when we were there to see the little babies back in 2010. Perhaps by now this will have calmed down.

Red Panda

These are becoming so rare now that they are another great animal to make sure you see on your trip to Melbourne Zoo

These animals are originally from areas of the Himalayas, China and Burma and like to live high in the mountains.


The Seal enclosure was really good fun and my daughter particularly enjoyed seeing the 4 Australian seals splashing around and making their funny noises.

Brown Bears

Seeing these up close and personal always amazes me just how big these creatures are. Did you know that they can run up to 50km per hour when they want to?

The Tree Kangaroos

Actually found in parts of New Guinea, this is now becoming extinct so make sure you go and see these lovely creatures. Their red fur is very distinct.

Australian Animals

Great for the overseas visitor. Make sure you see the Kangaroos and Koalas at the very least.

For more information on these lovely creatures visit my Australian Animals page

Getting Around The Zoo

here are over 350 different animals at Melbourne zoo so you really can spend the entire day looking at all the animals.

My tip is to plan your route and see the animals that most appeal. Otherwise, expect a long day of walking.

The walking trails are really very pleasant but on a hot day, it is a lot of walking.

How Much Does it Cost/Extras?

I guess for a family of 4 this starts to look a little expensive but for a full day out, I think it's actually not too bad in terms of value for money.

You can expect to pay approximately:

$25 per adult (16 years and over)

A family of 4 about $60

If you really love your animals then you can add on a "behind the scenes" tour and meet a specific animal for about $100 - this price includes entry to the zoo iteself so in essence you are paying an extra $75 to spend 30 minutes with say a lion or elephant etc.

The only problem is that you can't book on line - you have to call 1300 9667 842.

Visit The Zoo At Night

Just like at Taronga Zoo in Sydney you can stay over at the zoo for their "Snore N Roar" experience.

I have done the one at Sydney but not the one in Melbourne but I imagine they are identical. We really enjoyed it.

You get a great dinner provided as well as special tours to see some of the animals up close and personal.

They get you up early (6.15am) and give you a good breakfast before you get a chance to go behind the scenes of part of the zoo.

For this, you really need to book in advance and I'm talking months not weeks. You may have more look mid-week but certainly during December and January (kids school holidays,) then forget it. The only problem is that you can't book on line - you have to call 1300 9667 842.

The cost is approx $200 for an adult and $145 for a child. Again this is cheaper than the Sydney version.

Attend A Concert During The Summer

Every Saturday & Sunday from 15 January to 13 March you can enjoy a fab concert in beautiful surroundings.

Entry is from 5.30pm, concerts begin at 7pm so its a perfect night out to bring your picnics but you can't bring any BYO alcohol.

The Music tends to be tribute bands - think Blondie, Queen, The Blues Brothers or Fleetwood Mac. It's a great way to spend a summers evening.

Tickets are about $40 for adults and $100 for a family of 4.

You can get tickets through but you generally have to book in the first week of December to get tickets.

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