Melbourne Weather

"Experience 4 seasons in one day!"

Melbourne is a wonderful city that means you really don't need to worry too much about the weather. There is always something to do come rain or come shine!

But what is fairly unusual about Melbourne is how quickly the weather can change. You really can experience all four seasons in just one day.

My advice is to dress like a local and wear layers. That way you can be dressed to suit any eventuality. Don't leave home without an umbrella either.

The classic summer months are December to February but these months can be extremely hot. They tend to be hotter than Sydney but there can be a lot of inconsistency. The Australian Open Tennis Championship is held every January making this a very busy time to visit, especially as this is school holidays time.

It's hard to forget the recent Victorian bush fires that took place just outside of Sydney in January 2009, killing many and burning whole towns and villages. This just shows how extreme temperatures can really get.

When is the best time to come?

The best time to come is the shoulder season, unless you want really hot weather.

November and March are particularly nice months for melbourne weather but as per my earlier comments it is very unpredictable!

Given the school holidays are over, prices are often a little cheaper.

Can you visit Melbourne in Winter?

Winter in any Australian city is much more feasible than most other countries. Temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees but given the lack of central heating, apartments and restaurants can feel rather cold.

Melbourne weather, unlike its counterparts of Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide, does get that bit colder. In fact, it's probably the only state in Australia where you can identify the seasons. It's no doubt this reason that Melbourne is deemed to be much more fashion conscious than the other cities.

If you are planning to do the great ocean drive and some other trips around Melbourne, I'd probably avoid the winter months between June and mid September. It could be just a little cold and wet to really appreciate this areas beauty.

Melbourne Weather Statistics

Below is a table showing average temperatures and rainfall for Melbourne.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Mean Maximum Temp 25.9 25.8 23.9 20.3 16.7 14.0 13.4 14.9 17.2 19.6 21.9 24.2
Mean Minimum Temp14.314.613.
Mean Rainfall mm47.647.350.257.355.949.247.750.257.966.259.559.2

Melbourne Weather Forecast

I find the weather men here in Australia often get the forecast wrong so I'd strongly recommend re-checking the melbourne weather forecast every few days. The link below however is the most reliable I have found:

Melbourne Weather 15 day forecast

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