Melbourne Travel Information

"Melbourne Travel Information - The Key Info you need to know for your trip"

This page is designed to get you started for your visit to Melbourne.

Getting to a big city can sometimes be a bit daunting,

but this will give you the information you need to plan your trip.

How long to Spend in Melbourne

I think you need at least 2 full days but 3 would be better. You could easily spend a week here or even longer though!

I'd also recommend combining a visit with a Sydney to Melbourneroad trip.This is a great way to combine both cities and see some of Australia's beautiful coastline.

When To Go

Melbourne tends to have extremes in temperatures. This makes the summer very hot and the winter very cold. It is known to have four seasons in one day though!

Avoid January if you can as well as the height of winter (July and August). But this city has so much going on you can visit every month of the year.

Click here for more information on Melbourne Weather.

Getting Around Melbourne

Getting around is key for when you are planning your trip and is a key part of my Melbourne travel information. Luckily it's all very straight forward.

You don't need a car and there is an excellent free tram that takes you around the key city sites called the City Circle Line (35).

The tram system itself is cheap enough and you need a ticket before you get on the tram. I'd probably pay as you go given you can use the free circle tram to get to most places.

Taxis are also another good option as they are relatively cheap.

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