Melbourne Observation Deck

"Visit the Melbourne Observation deck - The Edge is certainly an experience!"

If you want to see uninterupted 360 degree views of Melbourne and its sprawling suburbs, then this is the place to come. It is the highest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere.

It is also known as the Eureka Skydeck but if you fancy a thrill and in my case, a very scary experience then you have to pay extra to go to The Edge

Getting To The Melbourne Observation Deck

Firstly, just look up in the sky and find the tallest skyscraper and head for it!

The best thing to do is probably get to Flinders Station and then walk along the Southbank (signposted to southbank and you will need to cross the river)

It's very near the Travellodge Hotel.

What Can I Expect To Pay?

Tickets are less than $20 each and there are special prices for families (about $40)

You can pay a little extra and get to visit the Melbourne observation deck both during the day and then again at night - it is pretty cool seeing the city both ways.

You could save yourself the extra money though and come just as the sun is setting. That way you get to see both anyway.

Opening Hours are 10am-10pm pretty much every day of the year.

The Edge

Whilst you do have to pay extra for the Edge, ($12 or $30 per family) I think this experience is well worth it!

Basically there is a glass cube overhanging the building. It means you get to walk on glass and look all the way down to the ground. Of course it is totally safe, so much so that kids can go in and enjoy the experience.

But it is really quite a strange sensation. Certainly something very challenging for anyone afraid of heights. I wouldn't say I fall into that camp, but I certainly scared myself half to death experiencing this! They don't allow anyone who is pregnant on it - just because you just don't know how you will react to the experience!

It's a shame that there isn't really a good restaurant up here to admire the views. There's just a small kiosk selling a few things. They do have functions here but this is more for larger numbers like weddings or corporate hospitality.

Top of Melbourne Observation Deck

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