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Location of Great Barrier Reef - Great Barrier Reef Map

"Use this Great Barrier Reef Map to plan your trip! "

This map of Great Barrier Reef is a great way to plan your trip to see this famous under water sight.

Most are surprised by the scale and size of the reef. As you can see from the Barrier Reef map below it is situated on the East coast of Australia off the coast of Tropical Queensland.

The further down Australia you go, the further away the reef gets, making it easier to get to higher up.

Best Places to Access The Great Barrier Reef

As you can see from the above map of Great Barrier Reef, the reef itself is some distance from the coastline. It means that it's not just as easy as heading to the coast of tropical Queensland and then walking out into the water.

Cairns and Port Douglas are the two key places that have organised tours that take you on a boat out to the reef. They take you out to a platoon in the middle of the ocean. From here you can dive and snorkel the reef.

Whilst tour operators and travel agents are usually keen for you to book early as part of your trip, I'd hang off booking until you get to Cairns/Port Douglas. This is because the weather can be pretty awful in this area - particularly in the wet season when most tourists are in Australia - October through to May.

Wait to see which day the weather will be best and then book. We went when the weather was really awful. Not only was the crossing over to the pontoon really rough, the visibility in the water was also very average. I wish we'd not booked and had more choice on which day to go.

It can get busy in peak times but generally you should be fine to wait.

If you don't fancy the hour transfer to the reef, then consider Green Island Australia.

You'll find more information here about Great Barrier Reef Australia.


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Map of Great Barrier Reef

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Whitsundays Australia - Coral Sea, Great Barrier Reef

Whilst the Whitsundays are known for being beautiful (but expensive) they are also a great way to see the reef.

As you can see from the map of Great Barrier Reef above, the location of the islands are very close to the Reef, making it a great place for excursions. To be honest, the snorkelling and diving off the islands, is fantastic anyway.

For more information click here for the Whitsundays Australia.

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