Lucky Bay

"Lucky Bay - Wow Wow Wow! I was totally blown away by this beautiful beach!"

Not to be confused by another bay with the same name (one in WA and one in SA), this beauty is near Esperance in Western Australia and is a must visit if you are in the area.

There are even Kangaroos to see on this beach and the water is to die for!

Can you tell its one of my favourites??

How to Get To The Beach

This beach is inside the Cape le Grand National Park and believe me when I say it has 27 great beaches.

This National Park (named after Le Grand, an officer of the L'Esperance, which is the name of the ship in a French expedition of 1792,) is located near Esperance which is in the far south of Western Australia

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Why Visit This Beach?

Quite frankly, you'd be mad not to!

If you are visiting Esperance or planning to do a Perth to Margaret Rivertour, consider including a trip to this area before heading back up to Perth. (still a heck of a drive though!!)

The beach has THE whitest sand and the water is an amazing clear turquoise.

It's about 5km in total and is a beautiful curved shape. Behind the bay are vegetated dunes where you'll find some local wildlife grazing and resting - possums, bandicoots and grey kangaroos. The Kangaroos even rest on the beach!

The Western end is quite sheltered and there is camping near here too. If you prefer surfing conditions then head to the East where the waves and rips increase.

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